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ID Card Printers in Nigeria

As Africa’s leading oil producer (tenth internationally) and with a population of over 195 million, Nigeria is home to a vast number of both local and international organizations.

Most industrialists and businesses operate in Abuja, the country’s capital and financial centre. A key location on the African continent, the planned city is also a conference hub for the region, often playing host to International forums.

Consequently, the population of foreign and domestic individuals in Nigeria, and Abuja in particular, is always expanding and changing.

Plastic ID Card Printers

Given the diversity and size of the populace and its occupations, Nigeria’s capital is rife with multinational corporations, International schools and universities, hotels, and geo-political venues that host annual conferences (2014 world economic forum, meeting of the Commonwealth government heads in 2003).

The city is also home to the Central Bank, Nigerian Postal service and Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport; it’s also mid-route of the Lagos-Kano Standard Gauge Railway.

With the constant flux of people coming and going through or to these various locations, printed and coded ID cards is a must for any entity operating in Abuja.

Entrust Datacard Printers

Be they commercial, government or financial, Entrust Datacard printing solutions offers a range of products to select from.

From their smallest model, the Datacard SD 160 to the Entrust Datacard CR805 (their largest), all of their models have magnetic stripe coding, smart card encoders, and extended hoppers for card input and output.

Most models even come with a Kensington® security lock to keep the printer’s consumables away from would-be thieves.

Evolis ID Card Printers

Definitely a crowd pleaser, Evolis is the chosen brand partner for many a corporation.

With printers and software that offer both tailored and regionalized plastic ID cards, Evolis’s versatile line of eco-friendly ID card printers in Nigeria will definitely deliver the printer ideal for your establishment.

All Evolis printers have single and double-sided print options, card security encoding, and promise a card lifespan of over 3 years!

ScreenCheck Middle East

The ideal partner for the ideal ID printing solutions, Screen Check is the official distributer of the brands in the region.

Following through with their intent to match the growing security concerns with up-to-date hardware & software, the company delivers a diverse range of solutions to their customers.

With over 150 channel partners worldwide, ScreenCheck ME is the gold standard for Identification, RFIDs, and biometrics distribution.


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