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With industries as diverse as it’s beautiful landscape, Uganda, like its neighbours, has implemented id cards into the very fibres of the country’s infrastructure.

Not only does this cut down on crime and fraud, but the National Identity Card (NIC) is also a valid travel document allowing holders to travel between Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda.

In fact, without the new id cards, Ugandans will not be eligible for employment, health care, travel, or education.

ID Card Printers in Uganda

The system for NIC employs fingerprint and facial recognition via biometrics in the plastic id cards, authenticating the identity of the holder.

The ministry of internal affairs is also undertaking the possibility of using NICs for monetary transactions, and is currently liaising with the financial institutions in Uganda hoping to make this a reality. Clearly, there is a need for id card printers in Uganda, but the trick is finding the right one.

Evolis ID Card printer Uganda

For nearly 20 years now, Evolis has been developing and manufacturing the software and printing solutions for personalised and decentralised plastic cards. This revolutionary brand provides environmentally friendly printing and business solutions to organizations across several industries. More than 480,000 Evolis printers are being used in 140 countries across the world.

Entrust Datacard printer Uganda

With national governments and prestigious financial institutes among their client list, Entrust Datacard printers are in a league of their own.The world’s best-selling brand of high- volume, central issuance cards boasts EMV smart cards, passports, and id cards for every sector and use. Entrust also offers the use of OVDs for their id cards, holographic images that improve the security and longevity of your document.

The card printing giant is also increasing its portfolio in instant issue debit, credit, and prepaid cards.


ScreenCheck ME 

The official distribution partner for both Evolis and Entrust Datacard, ScreenCheck has built a reputation of being the suppliers of cutting-edge, technological solutions.

NIRA (National Identification and Registration Authority, Uganda) is in possession of about 2000 misplaced id cards, lost by their owners across several districts. The RFID compatible id cards provided by ScreenCheck’s partner brands will ensure that misplaced id cards in Uganda are returned to their rightful owners, and tracked when lost.


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