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Mobile Medical Equipment Tracking

Impinj Partners with Accruent Healthcare Solutions on Mobile Medical Device Tracking & Distribution Using RAIN RFID

Keeping track of mobile medical equipment is a monumental task, with out of date technology it impossible to keep tabs. Proven by this study conducted by the Center for Research in Electronic Commerce[1] estimates that $4,000 of equipment per bed is either lost or stolen in the average hospital annually. On top of this after a patient uses equipment it must be cleaned and reset for the next patient’s use. A study conducted by McKinsey shows that hospital expenses for supplies are services exceed budget growth by 2:1. To combat this, hospitals turn towards technological solutions.

Que in Impinj and Accruent, their solution automates the management, distribution and availability of the mobile medical equipment. Equipment(s) that are tagged with Impinj RAIN RFID are tracked in real time as it moves around the hospital, Impinj tracks key areas that it travels to and notifies the Accruent system to initiate service requests or tag the equipment availability.

With the use of Accruent’s software, the hospital staff can monitor progress in real time and request equipment through an online web portal. Equipment in need of cleaning can automatically send cleaning requests, subsequently, once the equipment is ready for use staff are notified to return it to circulation.

This enables the hospital staff to work more efficiently, with on the fly status updates it allowed staff to know when, where and what is necessary. Hospital leadership has clear visibility into costs and can better plan equipment purchases. Impinj and Accruent combines a closed loop easy to use software with a leading RAIN RFID technology to help hospitals manage their equipment more easily and efficiently.


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