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Introducing FaceStation F2


Know more about the new advanced Suprema FaceStation F2. Now available from Screencheck, authorized dealers of access control systems in Dubai.


Suprema FaceStation F2 is a fusion multimodal terminal with unmatched face recognition performance. Fusion multimodal terminal collects facial data through two different technologies and fuses them to obtain a more accurate result. It protects from all kinds of spoofing and is currently considered one of the best security systems. With Suprema FaceStation F2, experience the exceptional authentication accuracy and anti-spoofing performance achieved by innovative and futuristic solutions from Suprema.


Suprema’s Fusion Matching technology combines IR and visual face recognition with a unique deep learning algorithm to achieve exceptional authentication accuracy and the industry’s best anti-spoofing performance. It obtains an incredible false acceptance Rate of 1 in 10 billion.


The Suprema FaceStation F2 can collect identification data through multiple methods like face, fingerprint, cards and mobile access. FaceStation F2 is the best-in-class multimodal device in the industry. It also supports dual-frequency access cards, NFC and BLE-based Mobile Access Cards as well as Template on Card that allows authentication via biometric data stored in cards.


The post-pandemic is more precautious and vigilant about personal hygiene.  FaceStation F2 meets the needs of the post-pandemic world with features like remote user enrollment, detection of users without masks and face recognition of users wearing masks. When combined with Suprema Thermal Camera, FaceStation F2 can identify people with elevated skin temperature helping to identify possible infection carriers and arresting the spread.


FaceStation F2 not only encrypts all biometric credentials and personal information but also protects the data with a secure boot process providing an impeccable level of security. FaceStation F2 is built on Android and all its security enhancements.


FaceStation F2 can register 50,000 users’ face biometrics, and up to 100,000 users’ fingerprints. The terminal offers remote enrollment options, enabling user registration compliant with the social distancing protocols that have become the norm as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on.


FaceStation F2 provides improved user convenience with a 7“ LCD screen and walkthrough face recognition. Users no longer have to stand still and fit faces to a predefined area. The recognition distance range has also been increased to 50cm ~ 130cm. Individuals get authenticated as they walk through sweeper gates in Saudi Arabia without hindering the smooth movement of individuals.


The biometric solution in Saudi Arabia, FaceStation is ideal for all weather conditions.


FaceStation F2 can authenticate faces under dim lighting, allowing uninterrupted to face recognition in all indoor lighting conditions. FaceStation F2 is dust-proof, waterproof and easy to maintain.


You can order Suprema FaceStation F2 from leading biometric systems dealers in Dubai, ScreenCheck. ScreenCheck has been providing the best security solutions in Dubai with trusted brands from across the globe. You can walk any time to the ScreenCheck store and learn more about the latest biometric systems in Dubai and experts choose the right security device for your business.




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