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Digital ID

Mexico has approved the creation of the new General Law on Population, Human Mobility and Interculturality, paving the way for a new national digital ID system. The new law will enable the Ministry of the Interior to create a database with the personal data of Mexicans, including biometrics.

A Unique Digital Identity Card will also be created and will become the official identification document for all Mexicans. The new digital ID will be issued by The Mexican Secretariat for Home Affairs (SEGOB) to the entire population of the country as well as to Mexicans residing abroad. Citizens will be able to exhibit the document either in a physical format or through electronic devices.

The card will be free and will contain citizens’ names, surnames, date of birth, place of birth, nationality, and biometric data, together with a unique Population Registration Key (CURP) number.

Mexico is currently adopting biometric applications at an increasingly rapid rate. In August, for example, Santander Mexico rolled out Integrated Biometrics’ fingerprint scanners to register millions of customers.

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