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Biometric systems in Dubai is redefining security solutions of the vast.

Screencheck is a pioneer in biometric solutions in Dubai. Here is a short article introduction to Biometrics systems in Dubai and how they are changing the face of security and surveillance.

Keeping resources secure has been a concern for mankind from the early days of civilization. The understanding that one can only grow by protecting what he/she possesses is the idea of security systems. Times have changed and how we protect our relations and assets. With growing security technologies, frauds and thieves are finding new ways to encrypt or bypass security. Technologies like access control through smart devices are being implemented on e-commerce, hospitality, banking, etc to fight fraud, criminals, and terrorists.

There are two methods through which identifying and authenticating individuals are done. One is knowledge-based and the other is key (token, badge or card) based. In knowledge-based security, an individual needs to create a security pin whereas in the key-based system, individual needs to carry a card or a badge to get access through doors. Both these methods have increasing disadvantages and therefore, security issues needed a new solution to tackle new-age fraud and theft. Biometric security solutions thus came to the picture. Biometrics techniques were universal, scalable and foolproof.

Biometric systems verify and authenticate individuals on the bases of unique physical features of a human, which are the face, fingerprint, and iris . Physiological characteristics of every human are unique and therefore, it’s foolproof and original. Biometric features only let the right person access the right space without any discrepancies. Biometrics have been developing through the years, the initial developments and implementation was a costly business for establishments. Today Biometric security is a growing industry. Fingerprints were used as a security character in the early 19th century and in 1936, the Iris Recognition system was created. With the advancement of biometrics, now low cost and high utility security systems are available throughout the security and surveillance industry.

Biometric mechanism

Biometrics works on two principles, one is verification and the other is identification. Verification is the process of identifying a person through a previously stored information( consider a 4 digit pin). Identification is the process of scanning an identity across a large database and deciding the match. Every individual in an establishment needs to enroll in the biometric system using face, fingerprint or iris depending upon the biometric device. So whenever there is a need for verification or identification, the biometric device checks the current data input to the already given input during the enrolment. The enrolments can be saved in a network, cloud or card depending upon the size of human resources.


Biometric system is one of the unique as well as the original security solution that has a finite possibility of error. The errors in biometric systems are mainly because of environmental changes, deformations due to prolonged usage and noise. It is not necessarily that the biometric characteristics of an individual match on two different occasions. Therefore, biometric verifications are done through algorithms that just matches two images. There is a tolerance threshold for every biometric device which accepts and rejects an input. There are two different errors in biometrics, 1. False rejection rate: Rate at which the device rejects an identification even if the individual is correct. For example, when you scan your fingerprint on a scanner, there is a possibility of rejection due to the wrong positions of the finger against the scanner or dust accumulation on the scanner.
2. False Acceptance Rate: Rate at which access is provided for false identity.
The FAR is always made strict and the threshold of the device is managed in such a way that no false acceptance is made even though this can lead to difficulty in accessing for authorized personal.

Biometric future

The biometric industry is blooming and biometric systems in Dubai are finding an advantage over almost all the sectors. The growth has been exponential indicating how badly the world is looking forward to security needs. The increased use of biometrics in banking, hospitality or business establishments is some of the fine reasons behind the success of biometrics.

Screencheck is the best dealer of biometric solutions in Dubai. They have claimed trust and dedication from many satisfied clients across the Middle East. Screencheck experts believe that cards and token will be used yet again for another 10-15 years. Their experts and researchers observe that government and security services hold the biggest customer base for biometric systems in Dubai. The system helps in identifying frauds, criminals and terrorists who try to crack and bypass security. Biometric systems can be used for humanitarian purpose like controlling refugee’s inflow to the country. Iris Recognition systems are used in several international banks to authenticate customers visiting ATMs.

Screencheck provides ID card printing and biometric devices like Time and Attendance access control systems, RFID solutions and Iris Recognition systems.

The Suprema Biostation 2 is the most innovative fingerprint access system now available in Dubai. Suprema also distributes the much-acclaimed face recognition bio-station 2 through Screencheck.

You can contact Screencheck at +971-4391-0707 for more details regarding biometric solutions installation at home and office.

Biometric technology isn’t new but definitely, it’s changing and has redefined our security concepts. By each passing day, new technologies are arriving at the bay of security and surveillance systems.


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