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Remember seeing doors with access controls that scanned the eyes in science fiction movies of yesteryears? Science has now caught up with fiction and those systems are fictional no more and are presently widely employed world over and are a common sight in major airports. Say hello to Iris Recognition systems – the biometric technology that scans the patterns of an individual’s single iris or both irides to make a match.

The patterns of the irides are, just like fingerprints, unique to one person and they also have the benefit of being seen from a distance, unlike the latter. Iris Recognition Systems are cost-effective and can be employed in access control, attendance management systems and more.

We have our CMI Tech EF-45 to offer our customer base in Dubai, which is a state of the art dual iris scanner (scans both the eyes). You may view the full details here.

CMITech EF-45 -Dual IRIS Recognition System


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