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Iris Biometric systems in Dubai

With an eye on keen security.

Iris recognition systems is the next big thing when it comes to biometric systems in Dubai. The system has its own unique features which comprehend human iris. Read more to know more about the device and why it is becoming the next big thing.

Iris recognition system is the new face of biometric security systems in Dubai. The system captures and scans high-resolution and distortion-free images of the human iris. The iris pattern stays constant all through a human’s life span. This makes it a worthy biometric security device.  The system has proved its capability in implementing high-level security in sectors like aviation, police and defence. This shows us the reliability of the device over the other conventional security systems. Iris recognition systems are now available in the market for commercial usage, like in business establishments and other private organisations.

The famous iris code was created by John Daugman, an American- British professor of Cambridge university. He was specialised in computer vision and pattern recognition system. The iris code has a high false match rating which made it popular in security system manufacturing sector. Iris regonition systems are majorly used in airports, security organisations and hospitals due to its high-security feature.

Iris recognition systems are robust, more streamlined and come under affordable budget. This is the reason why most companies in Dubai now opt for Iris recognition system. The security system was first implemented in the banking sector and was found to be of great advantage and a necessity. The use of the biometric system in bank ATM has gained customer trust, safe and paperless banking environment.

Iris recognition systems in Dubai captures patterns of iris to identify and authenticate a person. The pattern is digitalized and stored as data for reference. The data is stored along with personal details, such as name and address. The scanner is covered with a protective layer which helps in avoiding any harm to the eyes. Iris recognition systems are more durable compared with the existing biometric systems. This makes it active even in adverse weather conditions, avoiding any kind of wear and tear.

Pin based security systems in a bank aren’t completely reliable as customers always prefer a much better security system.  The process of reminding a pin number or losing it has always been concerned with many. Pin security systems can welcome bad customer experience to banks which can be largely avoided with better biometric systems. During a customer survey done at many establishments other than the bank, many of them felt that biometric iris recognition systems are great, friendly and Impressive.

Advantages of Iris Recognition system

Every iris is different, that makes every iris recognition device different. Iris can detect from a distance and therefore can’t be forged or compared to any other biometric device. Thus, the biometric device in Dubai becomes more secured and authentic. Screencheck is one of the leading dealers of Iris recognition systems. You can get in touch with an expert from Screencheck and know more of the system. Here we list out a few advantages of Iris recognition system as detailed by a Screencheck officer.

Accuracy: The accuracy rate of the Iris recognition device is beyond compare. The false rejection rate of a device is found to be as low as 1.8%. This makes the device the most reliable biometric system in Dubai.

Utility: The utility of Iris recognition device is versatile. The device can be used for any scale of project or establishment, regardless to the size of the company.

Touch: The device doesn’t come in direct contact of humans. This makes it clean and error free. No smudging or dirt accumulation happens on Iris recognition system.

Stable: The device output is stable and won’t change with time. This is because every iris is unique and human iris doesn’t change with age.

Live Detection: Iris detection can be done only when a human is active and alive. The scanner records the movement of iris to change patterns to fixed data. Therefore, one won’t be able to get access when partially consious or completely. This makes the device foolproof and won’t be able to forge.

Secured: As mentioned earlier, because of the uniqueness of the system, it’s nearly impossible to forge the Iris recognition system. Thus proves to be the most secured biometric system available right now.

Faster: The system takes just milliseconds to record a pattern and also to identify a person. The system can easily track a data from the database and give acess/deny within a minutes time. A individual whose data is already stored, the system identifies the profile faster with a higher level of freedom and faster encoding.

Comfortable: The device is comfortable to use for anyone as they needn’t go through any physical examination. All they need to do is to stand in front of the camera and wait for the gate to open.

Screencheck provides one of the next-gen Iris recognition system to clients. The CMITech EF- 45- Dual Iris recognition system is a highly innovative and user-friendly device. The device is trusted for its reliability and durability. Call Screencheck right away and watch a free demo about the features of this one of kind device.


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