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Screencheck is the official dealer of Suprema Biostar Me in UAE. Read more to know about the new features which makes the software a must to support an efficient biometric security system. Get the best  biometric solutions in UAE from Screencheck.

Suprema Global had introduced the innovative next-generation biometric security system software based on IP connectivity and biometric security, the Biostar. Biostar software isn’t just a reader for the access control system but it is also an intelligent controller on its own. Separate secure relays can be installed with the door to avoid security breaches.

Biostar helps in removing expensive control panels from the system and avoids conjuring wiring between panels. Biometrics added with IP makes it worth for the best biometric systems currently available. BioStar’s IP based connectivity makes template distribution for biometric devices a no more difficult job. Biostar software is the future of access control systems.


  • Simple and easy installation with less wiring
  • Lower cost per door without conventional control panels
  • Flexible and extensible IP based system structure
  • Biometric security at the price of legacy systems
  • Flexible zone management for anti-passback and alarm
  • BioStar SDK for easy integration with third-party systems


IP Access control

  1. User Management
    Biostar offers comprehensive user management and synchronization features with a user search interface. The system comes with multi-level administrator settings. The system has a customized authentication mode for users.
  2. Door Management
    Biostar allows operation of the lock, unlock and reset alarms for doors. The system can support a total of 512 doors and customised alarm and regulations to individual doors.
  3. Zone Management
    Business can now have complete control over all the zones. Zones can be created with devices connected via TCP/IP or RS485 and can include a master device and up to 65 slave devices. Individual devices can be included in up to four zones and control up to 32 zones. Call reports and event logs of each zone can be generated using zone management with Biostar.
  4. Access control
    Administrators can build custom access groups by combining permissions for time zones and doors. With this feature, BioStar provides customizable, scheduled access control with a maximum of 128 groups/schedules with 32-holiday configuration.
  5. Visual Map Monitoring
    The visual map allows users to monitor property in floor-plan style graphical overview. It enables administrators to monitor the location of the specific gate and conditions of adjacent gates in visual indication. The Biostar has an alarm management system and monitors interface for doors and zones.
  6. Device Management
    Administrators can control multiple aspects of devices with BioStar. In addition to authentication behaviours, BioStar supports configuration of input, output relays, actions and sounds. The system includes options for customizing sound and display settings for IP terminals.RS485 supports up to 8 devices & 4 Secure I/O’s Server matching with real-time monitoring of device connections. The system firmware can be reset and upgraded when needed.


Time and Attendance Feature

The Biostar allows keeping time and attendance in check. Work hour calculation can be done by configuring daily activity, checking overtime calculation and rounding the time. It can also be used for shift management in large organisations. Groups can schedule holidays and individuals can configure it themselves. The system is designed for the best user experience. The system also helps in acquiring reports and work summary, generate TA results and display work according to categories.


If you are planning to install a Biostar to your access control system, get in touch with Screencheck. Screencheck had bagged the best project and award for the sales of Biostar software that proves the efficiency and determination in providing the best to the clients.


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