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Knowing Impinj RFID XPORTAL

Impinj RFID XPORTAL is a compact RFID system that can be installed at any given space without any hassle. Due to its versatile functionality and sleek design, XPORTAL is one of the most demanded RFID reader and antenna in the market.

Worried about space consumption while looking for a new RFID reader and antennas? Worried about affecting the aesthetics of the building while installing RFID equipment? Worry no more with the Impinj RFID XPORTAL. With its compact design and ideal size with its lightweight makes it the right choice for all industry sectors. They are high performing and cost-effective RFID solutions currently available in the market. The system complements the industry-leading speedway revolution reader and Impinj’s Dual-linear Phased Array antenna. The DLPA with patented autopilot technology makes Impinj XPortal innovative technology ideal for retail shops, offices, hospitals, or other indoor environments. Measuring approximately 30.5 x 8.75 x 2 in (77.5 x 22.2 x 5 cm) and weighing less than 10 lbs (4.5 kg), its compact form is unobtrusive, streamlined, and ultimately flexible, yet delivers better performance than larger, more costly industrial-scale portals.

The versatile and reliable RFID XPORTAL, the system can be easily adapted to various operating parameters to get the rest results. The installations can be done by oneself without the help of any RF engineers. With the advanced technology integrated into the equipment, the system withstands any atmospheric changes and can be automatically controlled.


The Dual-Linear Phased Array antenna technology with the features of beam switching and polarization attributes is controlled dynamically by the reader. The antenna has a great coverage zone with efficient reading capacity with elements continuously moving on vertical and horizontal axes. This gives much efficiency and consistency to the antennas. With the innovative autopilot technology, the reader can sense the tag in the field and automatically optimize the read zone for the best and the most efficient. The Impinj XPortal conserves energy by having a low duty cycle which allows them to be active only when a tag enters the field and is detected by the reader. The Impinj XPORTAL is found to be using 75% less power consumption than its competitors in the market making it a highly demanding RFID radar and antenna.

Impinj XPORTAL has multiple mounting solutions that help them to be installed in any given environment. The Speedway XPORTAL chassis is made with keyhole slots and clearance holes and accommodates gimbal brackets to enable different kinds of mounting possibilities. The design compliments Flat display interface standards for universal usage.

The sturdy and neat design makes it look elegant on any surfaces with fully enclosed cable management clips and conduit knockouts. The unit’s clean, attractive appearance complements the look of any installation environment. The Speedway XPORTAL’s Power over Ethernet connectivity makes the installation easy providing increased system availability via network infrastructure. The superlative design, reliability, and proven efficiency make Impinj XPORTAL one of a kind RFID reader and antenna solutions.


Screencheck is one of the leading biometric solution providers in Dubai. They have been pioneering dealers in selling RFID system solutions in Dubai. Impinj XPORTAL, one of the best RFID readers and antennas, has been sold at all outlets of Screencheck. You can contact Screencheck at +971 4 391 0707.



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