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Livestock management with RFID

How can you manage your Ranch with RFID systems, and why Impinj Speedway is one of the best options for RFID readers in Dubai?

RFID systems don’t need proximity, unlike their counterpart barcode system. RFID devices are used in various industries and were able to gather enough profit. Information stored in RFID is accessed using an RFID reader in Dubai.

The tag can be placed on any object that needs to be tracked or monitored. However, with the endless possibilities, it is now more commonly used in livestock management in Dubai. It is the optimal system to ensure that all cattle are listed and within the premises. It also enables one to store important information regarding each animal on the device. Details such as birthdates, weight, breeding information, sales, and purchase information can be stored.

The RFID reader works with Bluetooth connectivity. This way, one can check the stock using a mobile app. The reader transmits the information via Bluetooth to the owner’s device and can use the app to change or add information. When the owner saves the details, it will be accessible the next time someone scans the animal. The data can even be stored in cloud storage, which can further be easily accessed from anywhere, anytime to check the status of the livestock from mobile. The RFID reader and app also enable the owner to know when and where the animal got previously scanned and the weight of the animal at that scan.

‘The initial cost of implementing RFID systems in Dubai can be costly, but in the long run, it’s sure to yield a considerable amount of profit’, says a Screencheck Dubai client. Screencheck is one of the successful companies helping livestock businesses in Dubai to acquire RFID systems. RFID inventory systems enable the owner of the animal to have real-time information regarding their animals and where they are. If the rancher decides to use the power source which is miles away from the reader, the information will be stored every time an animal passes a reader. It then enables the owner to see exactly where the animal is in real-time with the health status. They are especially useful to track an animal that has moved out of the Ranch. The other great aspect of the RFID inventory system is that the owner can identify between animals. This helps in tracking a missing animal.

RFID systems help ranch owners to produce considerable profit and to run the ranch more effectively. In the olden days, animals were marked with ear plates. It was a time-consuming practice, and it made the cattle uncomfortable. Ear tags can be lost to making tracking animals a herculean task. With an RFID device as well as an RFID inventory system the manual labour is only done once when the initial devices are implanted. Thereafter everything is done via Bluetooth, cloud storage, and an app.

The use of RFID readers and inventory systems has a promising outcome in the long run. The owner of the animal can even store the breeding information, such as the family tree of a specific animal. Storing all vital information regarding the cattle in cloud storage, no data can be lost or tampered with. The RFID inventory system and the reader will make livestock management easier, and help the management to track animals. The RFID system, therefore, assures that the livestock business could generate profit by installing a clean production system.

Screencheck Dubai is the authorized dealer of Impinj RFID systems in Dubai. RFID READER ensures the perfect delivery of performance, quality, and reliability. With the largest installed base of fixed readers, high mean time between failure, and ideal encasing for supporting products and tools, Impinj Speedway READERS are the most reliable, powerful, and visible solutions found today.

The Impinj reader comes with sensors that can monitor RF noise and interference with low power consumption, thus reducing the functional cost. Dynamic antenna switching senses where tags are in the field and automatically focuses on antennas with the largest tag populations, improving throughput and efficiency. You can contact Screencheck at +971-4391-0707 to know more about RFID solutions in Dubai.