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Turnstile Gates

Turnstile gates are electro-mechanical system which allows the streamlined flow of humans in a one-by-one order. Turnstile gates are now employed in major buildings across the world where security and safety are a concern. Screencheck, one of the leading distributors of turnstile gates in Dubai explains why these gates are important to any infrastructure around the globe.

Tiso turnstile gates are considered one of the best systems for controlling human inflow.

The first thing that runs into our head while we think of security is, of course, the security gates. They protect the property and prevent from unauthorized access. Security is a headache for most home and business owners. Apart from providing safety, there are innumerous other benefits of installing security gates.

Turnstile Gate

Turnstile gates are used to control the entry and exit of people in buildings. It’s a form of gate which allows one person to pass at a time. It enforces one-way traffic so that security can be maintained in premises through streamline flow of personals. Turnstile gates are equipped with a system that grants permission when someone inserts a coin, a ticket, a pass or identity card. Turnstile gate is also used as faregate which only allows paid access — for example, a stadium, office building or a metro station.

Modern turnstile gates provide a complete range of benefits for the owner. They are manufactured using the latest technologies in engineering. They have become more durable and resist bad weather conditions as compared to the old conventional ones. The difference between indoor and outdoor turnstile gates has diminished.  They also incorporate many safety and security features and due to their extended durability with very little maintenance, they can be used year after year and allow access to millions of people.

Turnstile gates now come with directional icons to guide people effortlessly. In times of emergency or power failure, the system incorporates a fail-safe method to aid evacuation ensuring the safety of people’s lives. There are various kinds of turnstile devices available in Dubai now. Screencheck is one of the leading distributors of turnstile gates in Dubai. Modern technologies allow combining the installation to create a harmonious mechanism of operation in which these gates are integrated with access control or video surveillance system.  Turnstile gate system can only control human inflow, but with the access control or video surveillance system, it prevents undesirable people from accessing a premise.

The turnstile system is a visitor’s electro-mechanical device that is designed considering movement ergonomics of humans. Security Turnstile distributors in Dubai are high quality made system used to control access mechanism, as well as for checking the attendance in the organisation.

Screencheck explains benefits of using Turnstile system,

Direct Visitors and Employees

Turnstiles can be used for the flow of both staff and visitor in an organisation. The system has a physical deterrent and barrier to control people in accessing restricted areas. Software can be installed to provide direction to the system. With effective implementation of turnstile system in an organisation, management needs only fewer guards to monitor the entrance and exit of employees and visitors.

There are different kinds of turnstile gate systems available which suits different kinds of industry and organisation. A turnstile installed in a government office would be different from a turnstile gate installed at a stadium.

Card Access Systems

Every personal trying to access a premise through turnstile system needs to carry a card, mostly the size of a debit card, for getting the permission. The computer system will read the card and check for criterias which will allow or deny permission to access.the  can be incorporated to prevent people passing through this type of barrier system. The addition of an alarm or warning system will bring any unauthorised attempts at the entry to the attention of security personnel.

Tiso, the trusted brand in Turnstile gate

Screencheck distributes one of the leading brands of turnstile gates, Tiso. Tiso manufactures physical security equipment systems. They have a comprehensive range of turnstiles, pedestrian gates, emergency doors and high security anti-ramming barriers. Tiso products are installed in almost 60 countries across the globe.

Why Tiso?

Tiso range of turnstile gates used for pedestrian access control are cost effective, reliable and saves space. They can be installed installed and maintained. Screencheck experts will guide you in installing the gate and are always at help for after sale service. They are a perfect choice when the organisation faces space issues with small entrance or corridor.

Tiso is advancing as pioneers in security gate management. Thus, they have manufactured turnstile that has biometrics, card readers, barcode or QR scanners for granting and control unauthorized entry. The design of turnstile gates are ergonomic friendly which doesn’t hinder the smooth flow of personals. Each arm is located 120 degrees apart and is made of stainless steel. In case of emergency, the turnstile arms are relaxed for smooth flow and free access from both directions.











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