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The many Avatars of Access Control systems

The many Avatars of Access Control systems

How can access control systems help protect business premises and other security organizations? In these pandemic times, Screencheck re-examines the multi-facets of Access control systems in Dubai.

Access control has become a vital part of security systems used in airports, schools, malls, and other high-security organizations. From small-scale businesses to large global corporations, access control has been used extensively. Access control system collects data regarding an individual’s visit, where they are going, and how long they are going to stay in a secured area. An effective access control solution system can give someone the ability to enter or exit a facility and when that can take place, if at all.

There are many options if you are considering installing an access control system at your business. It is, therefore, essential to find the most appropriate and precise access control systems in Dubai, to effectively mitigate risks.

A basic access control solution involves a security officer(s) and mechanical locks and keys. Locks and keys are still used in many enterprises, but unless they are used with a key management system, you won’t get a record of the key that is used on a door. In addition, keys can be copied or transferred without permission. And when a key is lost, the door locks must be re-keyed. This is a traditional system of securing any premises, but with the passage of time and developing technologies, hackers and thieves are finding new ways to breach.

Today, electronic access control systems are popular and are much more effective than conventional security systems. The movement of people can be controlled, based on set criteria, by authenticating a person’s identity using biometric or pins, or passcodes. Biometrics are, of course, more secure due to the different parameters they have in allowing access to anyone. It involves Fingerprint, voice/face recognition systems which are unique and unrepeatable considering the characteristics in each person. In addition, it has a low maintenance cost because keys or ID cards do not need to be issued.

Facial recognition is one of the most accurate types of access control solutions available today. Facial recognition has a false rate of just 0.2% making it the most desirable solution. Some facial recognition solutions adjust to the lighting, making it possible to authenticate users from a dark room or harsh climate conditions outside.

With the pandemic lifestyle getting into a new normal, access control systems come with thermal sensors too. Thermal cameras with facial recognition are being used in multiple industries and applications to contain the spread of infection. They are highly reliable and accurate in detecting skin temperature and the presence of fever.

Contactless Access Control systems are essential when it comes to protecting areas of unauthorized entry and securing human as well as other resources. Screencheck experts in Dubai can evaluate the risk of your business premises and guide you to pick the most appropriate contactless Access control systems.

Physical access systems, including barriers, turnstiles, and revolving doors, are also commonly used, although they require a physical presence to avoid issues such as tailgating and piggybacking.