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Suprema Thermal Camera

Filtering individuals with their skin temperature has become the new normal in controlling the spread of infection. Suprema, a leading biometric device manufacturer have upgraded their FaceStation 2 with an added feature to check skin temperature of its users.


Suprema is one of the leading time and attendance biometric solution providers and Screencheck has been successful in providing Suprema to clients. Suprema has launched Suprema Thermal Camera that can be combined with Face Station 2. The device can be used to detect users’ elevated skin temperature. The device is expected to enhance the security and safety at work places in the context of the pandemic. The world has changed a lot in the past one year, the previous technologies at times look futile but efforts to bring a new normal is evident everywhere and Suprema along with Screencheck is assuring we don’t fall back.

Suprema FaceStation 2 now has increased accuracy and consistency in measuring skin temperatures by scanning the upper portion of the face. FaceStation 2 displays the skin temperature and thermal image of the user’s face on its intuitive GUI. The device alerts through audio visual means when a person with high skin temperature is detected.

The Suprema Thermal Camera and Face station 2 can be configured according to varying needs of the business. The device can stop high temperature users into the premises. The device also has a by-pass mode, which will disable face recognition and only admit users based on their skin temperature. Systems can also be arranged to trigger alarm and notifications to an admin when the measured temperature is higher than the permissible limit.

Suprema Thermal cameras use advanced thermographic technology to respond fast and acquire data precisely. The system detects temperature with 19,200 pixels per frame. With an accuracy of 0.5 degree Celsius, Suprema face station 2 does not need a blackbody reference for calibrating the temperature. The temperature is displayed in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, which is saved as data in event log. The Supreme Thermal Camera can be easily connected to FaceStation 2 using USB cable, which means they can be easily installed and used in any work environment.


“The market is changing, many biometric technologies had a setback during the early period of the pandemic, but that hasn’t stopped brands like Suprema from innovating and implementing new methods to securing work space or residents. There is a growing demand for temperature based biometric systems in Dubai, to be used in various situations, the situation demands innovations like Suprema Thermal Camera”, says Screencheck’s in-house salesman. The cameras can be easily installed to FaceStation 2, enabling quickly securing the premises.


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