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Labelled as Africa’s biggest success story, Rwanda has certainly found its place in today’s tech paced world. As the forerunners in id card innovation and implementation, plastic id cards are an essential facet of Rwandan life.

The Need for ID Card Printers in Rwanda

As a member of ID4Africa (a movement that aims to provide a legal, sustainable form of identification to all in Africa), Rwanda hosted a milestone annual meeting in 2016, demonstrating the success and progress of the movement.

Foreigners and Nationals alike require identification cards. All foreigners applying for residency have to carry electronic photo id cards. Similarly, the Belgian embassy and career consulates issues electronic id cards to their employees and Belgians listed in their population registers.

2016 saw the introduction of the eID, a government issued document allowing for both standard and online identification.

In 2017, Rwandan officials announced a joint project between the German owned ADC (African Development Cooperation) and South Africa’s Simtel (a company that operates Rwanda’s payment system) that would integrate the national id cards with the financial structure, enabling individuals to access banking services with their id cards; the same id cards could then also be used for shopping.


Evolis ID Card printer Rwanda

Evolis designs and manufactures personalised printing solutions. Their inventory boasts a range of both handy-sized, table-top printers and high-capacity modules for self-service kiosks. Evolis card printers offer a range of security options for id cards and also issue financial cards.


Entrust Card printer Rwanda

The standard in id card printers, Entrust’s professional range of printers provide governments, corporations, and financial institutions with a system for trusted identities and secure transactions.

Their diverse line provides software and hardware solutions for these entities in the form of national identification, e-passports, and financial cards.


ScreenCheck ME

Thriving due to its ability to provide its clients with cutting edge technology, ScreenCheck is the one-stop shop for your organization’s technological needs. They built their stakes on their reputation, and the trust and partnerships built over years of experience.

As the official and primary distributors of both Evolis and Entrust, ScreenCheck brings an expertise and know-how of the brands and their solutions, making them ideal for your business.


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