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Security systems beyond imagination

To buy the right access system from the market might seem like a tedious task. You need to know your exact purpose before you implement an access control system.

Securing your official assets through access control has become essential to all the business establishments throughout Dubai. With the increasing attempt of theft, companies in Dubai make sure that they have the most reliable foolproof system of access control installed. Access control system creates data as well as do the surveillance of who is inside and outside a given premises. We have seen the emergence of CCTV across the country which makes us realize, how important surveillance is! Access control is one of the main installations once the company is up and running.

Access control systems are like vigil guards, who controls who is allowed and restricted in accessing selected places within the office. These are a safety system implemented in all companies throughout the world, to protect business assets. These security systems protect personal data and store the employer’s information precisely.

Founded in 1998, the Zkteco is now leaders in biometric verification algorithms and the creation of biometric verification SDK, which was initially widely applied in PC security and identity authentication fields. With innovations and research in the field of biometrics, Zkteco has been pioneers in what they do best; create a safer workplace through biometric verification techniques. Zkteco products have been selected consecutively for 6 years as National High-tech enterprise and are protected by intellectual property rights.

In this article, we explain why Zkteco access control systems offer you the best output between the innumerable access control systems currently available in the market. The fleet of access control systems from Zkteco is best in the market right now with a wide variety of products with varying features. With constant updating and research of the product, Zkteco is creating a lasting signature in the field of access control.


  1. Its design and sleekness make it easily fused into the architecture of the property. A system that compliments its price tag, it achieves the purpose with accuracy and prompt. The control system has a low voltage warning which makes it a trustworthy device.
  2. Zkteco access systems in Dubai are known for their daily usage purpose in the home as well as office. The system comes with face detection, updated software and multi-biometric verification. The levels of security offered by Zkteco systems are top-notch in the industry and the security procedures are enhanced. Zkteco comes with the latest software and hardware to provide satisfying user experience for officials as well as for management. A Zkteco access control systems can now store up to 800 face templates in a single file.
  3. Zkteco access control systems can be linked with third-party devices like the electric lock, door sensor or an exit button. This makes these access systems accurate with the task it is entitled with ease. Made with Infra-red optical systems, access control systems are adaptable to any kind of environment.
  4. Avoid panics when the power is lost! Zkteco access control systems preserve data when power is lost. This gives the client to get real-time monitoring of any space under surveillance. The interface can be opened from any browser without the installation of software.
  5. Zkteco comes with features like password verification and wireless data security. The requirements according to changing times can be easily adaptable or call it timeless efficiency of access systems.
  6. Fingerprint door access control system, home security kit with electric magnetic lock,10 RFID cards, remote control, exit button makes Zkteco the most prefered choice in the market.

Now that you know the advantages of Zktecoh access control systems, your data is secured and monitored.

Understanding your need decides you choose the right access control system from Zktecoh. At some space, you just need to manage one door while in some other business space, you would require to control more than one doorway. You can choose alternatives like keypads or card readers for doorways.

In Keypads, personals need to enter the correct code to enter a certain area. This isn’t widely used now because the code can be easily forgotten or can be stolen. While in a card reader, every worker would have a proximity card. The proximity card needs to be swiped at the entrance of a doorway to get access to an area. If the card is lost, the specific template can be deactivated until a new card is issued for the employee.

Access control systems in Dubai offers you a wide range of security products which are now an essential part of any organisation.  These security issues are now used extensively throughout Dubai offering reliable and trusted protection systems for any kind of business. Screencheck ME,  access control system in Dubai offers you access control systems that are par with any other systems. Their support and guidance to its client have made them walk the ladder of success. Therefore, before choosing any access systems its always better to talk to the experts in the field.


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