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The convenience of an organization, regardless of size, having its own id printer is a matter of fact.

In every sector of the region, in-house id card printers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi are commonplace, ranging from the professional to leisure, and even labour.

Depending on your printing requirements, the specs of the printer you decide to purchase should be able to accommodate the speed, connectivity, and most importantly, the security options that you need.

A Comparison Between Pointman id card printers and NiSCA

Among the many brands of id card printers in UAE, Pointman and NiSCA have a wide variety of choices to select from.

An industry leader in identity protection, the Korean brand Pointman has a targeted, job-specific line of card printers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, with models that also feature a hardware lock to keep consumables safe.

Pointman’s Nuvia line of id card printers offer the convenience of low cost, high-capacity consumables and printing with simple implementation of security features such as MI Fare encoding, Mag encoding and contact/contactless encoding, making it possible to routinely issue secure cards and ids at a fraction of the cost, without sacrificing quality.

Ideal for all sectors, the Nuvia Series printer boasts distinctive security features tailored to any organization. These versatile printers also have full and half panel colour ribbons that significantly lower the printing cost per card and best of all, are backed by a 5-year warranty, including printhead coverage.

Nisca ID Card Printers Dubai

NiSCA Corporation’s line of printers offer value and durability for consumers. Manufacturing id card printers since 1994, NiSCA products also meet the requirements for ISO 14001 certification, dedicated to environmentally sound practices and sustainable technology.

Their PR-C101 is a user-friendly model for end users who want to start printing right away. Compact and portable, the PR-C101 uses dye-sublimation printing and features a rotating LCD panel to offer maximum positioning flexibility, and is perfect for smaller offices that use low volume, single-sided cards or badges that do not require security features.

While both brands have their advantages, Pointman’s wide accommodability, security options, and endurance makes it the wise choice for those in the market for secure identification printers.

ScreenCheck Middle East

Pointman id card printers are a trusted, go to brand for many in the market of ID card printing, with thousands of users worldwide. The first to bring the brand to the GCC, ScreenCheck is the official distributor of an extensive variety of printing solutions in the region. The Screen Check website has a detailed list of printing products and features, with a massive inventory of the most up-to-date models in the business.



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