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Does Your Organization Need Biometric Fingerprinting Technology

The identification of an individual based on their person’s unique physiological or behavioural characteristics such as the iris, fingerprints, etc., is termed as biometric authentication.  Fingerprint biometrics has been in vogue for many thousands of years. However, fingerprint biometrics, as an automated technology, appeared only in the 1970s. The trend has been growing ever since to provide secured access to logical and physical assets as well as reduce occurrences of fraud.

Why Biometrics

Passwords are vulnerable to hacking and can get lost or stolen. Most data breaches occur because of weak passwords being hacked by marauders. Costs of maintaining passwords are high: resetting passwords take up a lot of time and decrease productivity. On the other hand, biometrics as an authentication medium depends on who the person is and hence is highly reliable.

Fingerprint recognition

This technique looks out for the uniquely patterned valleys and ridges on a person’s finger as an identification sign. This is highly accurate and reliable. Low-cost fingerprint readers (Suprema fingerprint reader) that can be easily integrated with existing systems has now caused an increase in the implementation of fingerprint biometrics in many organizations.

Verification and identification are the two methods that are used to establish an individual’s identity with the help of biometric technology. Verification is the process which affirms that a person is who they are claiming to be. Identification process consists of a one-to-many comparison of a person’s fingerprints against all other available templates. The identity is confirmed when a match is found.

Organizations and Biometric Fingerprinting Technology

Organizations in different sectors use this technology in the field of employee identification and workforce management. In the first place, fingerprints cannot get lost like ID cards or get stolen like passwords. Tracking attendance reduces time theft and discourages fraud. For governmental agencies, fingerprint biometrics is used in border control, voter registration, etc. the finance sector can use it to identify non-account holders, customers and employees.

Advantages of using fingerprint biometrics

The advantages of fingerprint biometrics are the following:

  • They provide increased convenience and added security
  • They can be applied across the width of the enterprise
  • The individual’s privacy is maintained (the image cannot be reconstructed from the template)

This discussion on the basics of fingerprint biometrics can help you decide whether your organization would require the use of a fingerprint reader. Screencheck ME, leading biometric device suppliers UAE offers a wide array of Suprema biometrics products at reasonable rates. You can visit the website for more information on Suprema fingerprint biometrics devices.


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