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Today, security is a global concern, and any company that does not take proper precautions to protect its people and data is putting itself at risk. Using turnstiles at secure entry points is an excellent way to improve the security of your office. It helps to organize the flow of people by limiting it to one person at a time. This makes it easier to identify and eliminate any intruder who attempts to break in. Turnstiles should be considered as more than just entry points; they should also be viewed as security pillars.

Turnstiles and other automatic barrier gates can be a valuable addition to the security of your building or facility. These controlled entry systems are intended to provide clear visibility while restricting unauthorized access. This can improve your security and provide the safest environment for you and your employees. ScreenCheck Middle East is the leading turnstile supplier in Dubai. We provide the best speed gates in UAE.We could help you identify the best systems to deploy at your venue.

Now, here are some of the most significant advantages of using turnstiles or Speed gates in your secured entry points.

Control the pedestrian flow.

Managing the direction of pedestrian traffic, particularly in commercial and retail environments, can help you deal with security more effectively. Limiting entry and exit points to a few specific areas can also help you deploy your video surveillance system most cost-effectively. One-way turnstiles with access control measures are useful for keeping restricted areas of your facility secure.

Increased visibility with an Accurate Occupancy Count

Turnstile provide clear visibility of the people inside the premise. Entry turnstiles can also keep track of the customers, patrons, and guests who enter your premise. This can help you avoid exceeding the maximum occupancy for buildings, entertainment venues, and exhibitions. These counts can also be of assistance in an emergency evacuation. You can ensure that everyone is accounted for and present after these events by recording the number of people who are currently in your buildings or facilities.

Improved Security Against Unauthorized Persons.

Turnstile Access Control Systems provide improved security by preventing the entry of unauthorized personnel into the facilities. It is a very powerful entry barrier for unauthorized personnel.Turnstiles, like traditional doors with access control systems, can be configured to allow only one person with the appropriate credentials to enter. This can keep unauthorized visitors from tailgating through an open door before it closes. You can ensure the safest and most secure working environments inside your office building or industrial facility by implementing these turnstiles in conjunction with security intrusion alarms.

Automated Entry/Exit

An integrated biometric or card system with Turnstile makes the entry/exit an automated process for authorized people.  Just by scanning the face or finger or the card the turnstile opens and gets access. It eliminates the need for security personnel at the entrance/exit.

Save money

Since Turnstiles integrated with access control readers work autonomously it eliminates a lot of manpower to monitor the entry of unauthorized people and thus saves money in the long term.

Data Analysis

Turnstile provides the data of the people who entered and exited from the premise which can be utilized to calculate the peak traffic and the optimum way to manage it.


ScreenCheck’s commercial security experts in Dubai can provide you with professional consultancy and support for selecting and installing the best and most suitable turnstile gates, access control and security systems at your premise. We provide the best turnstile and best speed gates in UAE and collaborate with you at every stage of the process to ensure that your system meets both your needs and your budget. Contact us today for a free estimate on a new system. Our experienced security technicians are standing by to assist you.