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The Plasma Money Sterilizer for currency sanitization

Currency bills can become an easy source of spreading infection. If your business is running on physical currency transactions, the PLASMA MONEY STERILIZER is the best way to handle clean money.

The recent outbreak of the pandemic has put humans in a jeopardy. The need for personal hygiene and a clean environment has become essential. Covid-19 has brought a global health concern. The virus spreads through the touch of close interaction between humans. WHO recommends disinfecting all surfaces that are commonly touched by humans. Currency notes can potentially become carriers of infection. Even though governments encourage using online payment methods, not all have accessibility for that. CoronaVirus, MERS, Ebola virus, New flu virus, Food poisoning, general germs, etc has spread throughout the world, the worldwide interests in sterilization are rising.

Screencheck, one of the security systems and service providers is now providing THE PLASMA MONEY STERILIZER. The Plasma Money Sterilizer sterilizes and disinfects money that can possibly transmit germs or bacteria from the currency surface. It is said that microorganisms live on bills and contaminants have a chance to proliferate. Over 3,000 different kinds of gems, like virus, bacteria, mold etc live on such surfaces.

Said to the world’s first open bill sterilizer, the PLASMA MONEY STERILIZER has the ability to remove bacterial fine dust (PM 2.5) and kills 99.9% of germs in just 30 seconds. Custom-built plasma ion clusters for disinfection and sterilization of air are used in PLASMA MONEY STERILIZER.  The Plasma Ioc Cluster can release 10 million icon clusters to completely sterilize bills. The HEPA filter is used to remove fine dust from the bills. The ergonomic design of the machine allows easy insert of bills and has high efficiency sterilizing design.

The PLASMA MONEY STERILIZER automatic bill detection system. The machine has built-in communication UTP and power line. Automatic sterilization timer setting enables the schedule the sterilization process. The sterilisation process is harmless to humans and can even be used as hand sterilizer. The machine can be installed by any business establishment as it’s not heavily priced and making it available to every business person during this pandemic is important and essential.


  • UTP/Power: Built-in communication line!
  • Power Input: 110 260 Volt AC 50/60 Hz
  • Power Output: 12 Volt DC 6.3 Amp
  • Automatic Working Time: 10/20/30 Seconds
  • Dimensions: 11.5? (W) x 17? (D) x 15? (H) /// 293 mm (W) x 432 mm (D) x 382 mm (H)

The money sterilizer can be used in banks where there is constant contact between the customers, financial institutions and retail handling money, large shopping malls, markets, All people handling bills (Mart, Department Store, Casino, etc.)


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