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Providing Uninterrupted Power with Salicru


Providing undisrupted power is essential for any business or living space to thrive. The Salicru UPS now available with ScreenCheck is one of the most reliable power backing up solutions in Dubai.


Infrastructure is an integral part of our day to day life. It is connected both mentally and physically with us and is related to individual well-being. It enhances both personal and professional workspaces. Infrastructure should therefore provide unending support and power to accelerate business and life forward. Energy conservation and energy creation inside the infrastructure should be planned well to maintain continues flows of business as well as life.


Airports, railways, ports and roads in transport infrastructures; electricity and fuel networks in energy infrastructures; and drinking and drainage water networks in water infrastructures constitute a collection of facilities, networks and services that are extremely critical to society. Economy critical infrastructure that ensures performance all through day and night needs a continuous and stable power supply for providing uninterrupted output.

To ensure an efficient supply to any infrastructure, Salicru offers a set of advanced technological solutions ideal for these critical applications such as Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS).


They are devices that are capable of storing energy in a battery of accumulators that have the ability to convert the direct current of this battery into alternating current and provide electricity without interruptions in supply. In addition, they improve the quality of the mains voltage, thus preventing the electrical, electronic, computer and industrial devices connected to them from shortening their operating life.


Salicru is to develop, manufacture and marketing of products designed to protect industrial, professional and household systems from problems caused by mains power supply disturbances.  Salicru UPS system ensures a continuous, economical, reliable and ecological electricity supply to its customers, for which it offers a wide range of products capable of providing solutions for the most sensitive systems and most demanding markets. In addition to developing, manufacturing and marketing products, the experience that Salicru has accumulated over its history has led it to also providing engineering and consulting services to its customers to assist them in resolving electricity supply issues.

ScreenCheck Dubai is a trusted dealer of Salicru UPS products. None of their pioneering service in biometric solutions, ScreenCheck now provides Salicru products for efficient office management. You can order Salicru UPS by following the link




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