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RFID has been serving many industries to ease the workload and increase productivity. The hospitality sector has recently found RFID as a boon in organising workflow and guest management. RFID in Dubai hotel sector is changing customer experience in more delightful ways.

RFID technology is serving the hospitality sector to grow beyond compare.

Radiofrequency identification, popularly known as RFID is a unique technology with which objects are identified. They are compact devices that work using electricity. An RFID chip can hold enough data for the process of authentication and identification. RFID tag works as a barcode that gives a unique identification to objects. The application of RFID in Dubai is spreading and many industries are now using RFID as an essential part in the successful running of the business.

There are many benefits of using RFID tags. The first and foremost being the ability to reuse. It doesn’t need any direct connection between the scanner and the code. RFIDs are now capable of receiving data from miles apart with the help of satellites. The environmental barriers like humidity, fog, rain or dust don’t affect the working of RFID.  Screencheck, one of the leading providers of RFID systems in Dubai has been serving clients in choosing the right RFID system. RFID manufacturer can provide clients with a high frequency RFID tag that work under cloths and human bodies. Low-frequency RFID systems are used for transferring data with high speed.

Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry has realised the enormous benefits that RFID technology can offer and is, therefore, implementing it across Dubai. RFID is a cost-effective way to enhance the guest experience and improve working efficiency. Hotels are on a competitive edge in providing the best and innovative services to its customers to retain their foothold. When traditional hotel management practices become outdated, seasonal and incur other fluctuations, it leads to inaccurate or inappropriate asset usage. This leads to a mismatch in managing inventory items. Hospitality is a competitive industry in a country like Dubai where tourism generates most of its revenue. RFID-based inventory management services can help manage cost of running and improve the performance of hotels and related establishments. RFID has the capability to track thousands of items per minute with near-perfect accuracy and can be employed in a number of proven applications.

RFID powered solutions are scalable and have an endless optimization potential. The benefit of RFID doesn’t just confine to asset tracking; there are other potential uses of RFID that seems simple yet powerful. Hospitality industries’ greatest concerns are overstock and waste management which can be effectively dealt with using RFID technology.

Hotel spaces encounter a huge number of people on an everyday basis. Property damage and theft are a concern when it comes to luxury or elite Hotel establishments. By introducing RFID to track artworks, precious wine bottles and electronics, hotels can ensure that nothing valuable will leave their premises. Human resource management can be done, employees can be monitored, maintenance and emergency alerts sent in real-time, and staff management optimized for increased efficiency using RFID technology.

With inventory and human resource management in the Hospitality sector, management can now focus on creating a better experience for the guests. The working staff can focus on delivering a customer-centric experience that makes hospitality profitable and satisfying for all parties. Screencheck Dubai list a few key ways in which RFID technology becomes a boon for the hospitality industry:

Inventory Management

Wireless RFID technology can help hotel employees to identify, track, authenticate, and manage information relating to items and guests. RFID also gives a bird’s eye-view on asset utilization that can help locate objects and alerts if anything is lost from the premises. It is also possible to issue automatic alerts to the user of the object using the RFID system.

Room Management

RFID enabled rooms give hotel management the data regarding occupied and vacant rooms on a real-time basis. The availability of rooms can be checked and booking process for guests is made much easier. RFID, thus streamlines and automates room booking management process effectively.

Laundry Management

One of the most tedious everyday jobs at the hotel is the management of a large number of blankets, napkins, towels, bedsheets, cushion covers and other linen. By using washable RFID tags, the hospitality industry can keep much better track of linen inventory. This can help track, retrieve or replace linen across the hotel. An RFID-based inventory management system also helps control pricing and automate task scheduling.

Vehicle Management

Every established and popular hotel across Dubai has its own transportation facility. The large fleet of vehicles needs to be parked, washed and managed along with the client vehicles. By placing small RFID tags on cars, a log of parked cars can be made, data regarding cars inside the premises and available parking spaces can be found. The system can be integrated with other software and you can trigger the gate to open automatically after identifying the vehicle.

Personal Management

RFID is used in personal and customer management. Hotel employees’ attendance can be checked using the system and also RFID systems in Dubai can provide high-level service for the customers. Personalised services can be provided for customers to make them experience a better stay.

Screencheck has one of the most astonishing line up of RFID systems in Dubai. If you are into the hospitality industry and are planning for an upgrade to give your customers a delightful experience, then talk to the security system experts at Screencheck and choose the right RFID for your hotel.


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