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Run your retail business post-pandemic

The pandemic has affected the retail sector badly. ScreenCheck introduces Indyme health and safety software suite made for retail stores to resume business in the safest way.

The pandemic has brought in new normal across the globe. Even Though many countries have succeeded in flattening the curve to a large extent, the complete normalcy of how it existed before the pandemic is still distant. The lockdown has affected many markets and the retail sector is one such. Health and Safety solutions suite support and strengthens the commitment of retail operators to promote shopper and staff safety during this pandemic crisis and beyond.

Screencheck, a trusted distributor of safety solutions in Dubai now provides Indyme’s health and safety software. Indyme commits to provide retail operators to promote consumer and employer safety during the pandemic crisis. Indyme focuses on three broad categories of solutions, customer engagement, workflow automation, and what we call “active loss prevention. Screencheck explains features of Indyme health and safety software suite which is now currently in demand in Dubai.

1. Maintaining a disciplined Queue
Shoppers queued at each check stand may maintain social distancing, but the resulting lines often overflow into aisles, interfering with other shoppers. In some stores, a single queue leading to all check stands can be routed to mitigate this issue. Queue Safe provides a labour-free solution immediately directing each customer to the next available cashier.

2. Alert on Social Distancing
Audio messages reminding shoppers of social distancing and face-covering requirements promote compliance and assure customers of a commitment to safety. Shopper Safe provides customized health and safety messages either as a self-installed smart device targeting store cluster points or through remotely administered storewide messaging.

3. Maintaining order and time for sanitizing
Re-opening fitting rooms is a critical next step for apparel retailers. By graphically displaying which dressing rooms are occupied, sanitized and ready for use, and in need of sanitation, shoppers see objective evidence of clean fitting rooms. When shoppers try on clothes, they have more confidence in purchase decisions resulting in greater conversion and fewer returns.

Indyme’s software suite provides much more features that can set them different from the conventional methods. The plug and play system makes it easy to install and can be easily put to use. In-store network integration is optional; the fastest implementation is typically achieved through secure independent cloud operation.

After the crisis, most system components may be reconfigured to provide other benefits from Indyme’s rich retail solutions library including customer engagement and loss prevention tools. Screencheck has been distributing Indyme’s most innovative products for various retail businesses to maintain the economy even in these tough times. You can contact Screencheck at +971 43 91 0707. Screencheck, a service provider you can always rely on even at your tough times.


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