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The Science and Economics of Price cards


Price cards are a decisive factor in customer purchase factor. So how does a price card attract customers and yield a profit to the business?

Price cards let customers decide their shopping design with least interactions with shopkeepers. Studies show that price cards influence customers’ purchasing decisions, price cards with other visual merchandise can gain considerable profit for the sellers. Screencheck, one of the best business solution providers in Dubai through their fine array of branded products explains the whole science and economics of price cards in Dubai.

Type of Cards


Names and Prices cards

Simple price cards which display product name and price are said to aesthetically appeal to all marketplaces and influences positively making price-conscious shoppers. The price should be seen from considerable distance and therefore greater prominence on the card. You can use large fonts or placing the actual price higher so that it gets all the attention.

Promotional Price cards

Price cards can also inform customers about promotional offers by putting attention seeking words or terms to attract customers, like Supersaver, Homemade, Original, etc. With this, you can influence customers purchasing decisions. Powerful visual content can draw more customers to your product. For example, wooden price cards used in shops that want to create a natural and organic environment, or bright and colourful displays for quirky fashion stores, price cards are a great way to support your store’s brand and image. The classic black-on-white cards are an easy choice and have always been in demand for its subtle yet luxurious feel.


Card Size


Debit/Credit card size

The standard size of a price card is of your credit card size. But you can choose different card sizes according to your brand consideration and product. The normal card size is around 85 x 54mm. The card with varying size will still hold basic design layout, where information can be balanced with allergy advice and prices. Cards smaller than the size of your credit card might be too crowded and visually disturbing.

There is no strict guideline or parameter in choosing the card with respect to its size. One can effectively make changes in business by using large size price cards.  Just be careful to match your choices with specific products and the branding of your store.

Horizontal/ Vertical Price Cards

If you feel that your standard credit card sized price card isn’t doing well, you have an option to choose horizontal or vertical cards according to the kind of products you are selling. Or you might simply want some variation to distinguish certain collections and ranges within your store. The different card layouts can include important product information and allergy marks as well as branding elements such as logos to appeal to your customers with a vertical price card layout.

Card according to USP

Your price card should essentially support the brand and should attract customers effortlessly. Always perceive your card from the eyes of the customers and then try to make effective changes in Font or display style. If you are selling luxury items or selling an item focusing on an elite class, then a simple price card design won’t appeal to customers.

An edge above with Price card printers

Investing in a customizable card printer would be great for your business. This gives you the power to let customers know what you are trying to sell and why the product needs a consideration. A customizable card printer will help you to improve efficiency and quality of the price card. New technology makes it simple to play with all kinds of features like layout designs, orientation, font sizes and graphic styles to achieve the perfect price cards for any environment.

Screencheck asserts that people have a massive influence by visual language and businesses can grow by understanding this very basic idea. An effective price strategy is all you need once your price cards are ready. You can find the right ID card printers in Dubai from Screencheck.


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