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Made exclusively for the food industry, Edikio’s FDA compliant food grade printers provide owners with their own custom labels instantly

Edikio Printers: Why you need one!

If you are in the business of selling food, you need this printer! The lightweight design of the printer means you can have it almost anywhere on the premises of your business. Bakery, deli, produce, meat and dairy, and seafood sections in stores can place them right behind the counter to quickly incorporate and changes in price, weight, or origin.

And printing your own food labels has never been so fast or so easy! You don’t need to worry about materials, or laminating every card label by label. Simply type in the details you need: type, allergens, price etc., and print! As easy as that. The system also saves the templates from your previous print jobs, so even making quick changes on a label is no longer the headache it used to be.

Every label you make is exclusive to you and your store; you can use custom fonts, logos, images and templates unique to you and your business. The printing and the cards are made of food grade materials, they’re washable, don’t fade, and don’t absorb or get absorbed into food. Easy to clean, reusable, and durable, the Edikio labels are on a completely different level from their laminate counterparts

food-label-printerThere isn’t a single business in the industry that couldn’t benefit from this machine; bakeries, delis, butcher shops, fisheries, restaurants (cake windows, salad bars, buffets, etc.) cafés, department stores, and groceries.




Edikio Duplex -Price Tag Printer
Edikio FLEX – Price Tag Printer
Edikio Access – Price Tag Printer


ScreenCheck & Edikio (by Evolis)

ScreenCheck, the Dubai based identification and security solution provider was the first to introduce Edikio’s range of innovative printers at the GITEX forum in the iconic DWTC during technology week in October, 2017. They have since supplied this handy label printer to numerous F&B establishments across the region.

“The hallmark of Edikio is that it offers a new, professional look and a harmonised display with clear, clean, and aesthetic cards. The branding of the vendor as well as the product is enhanced significantly by these user-friendly card designers & printers” – Faisal Mohamed, General Manager, ScreenCheck.


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