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Screencheck provides physical automated security solutions in Dubai. Sweeper gates are extensively used in many commercial spaces. This article explains how to maintain sweeper gates and their advantages.


Gone are the days when you had to make an effort in opening up a door. People no longer need to exert force to open and close a door. We come across different kinds of gates and door every day. In malls, in office, in every other space, we visit. Automatic sliding doors are installed in malls, large companies, offices, in buses, train terminals or in airports. The doors automatically slide or rotate because it is equipped with the advanced technology that has several mechanisms. These gates are made with high-quality steel that can last for years. However, it is still essential to provide them with proper care and maintenance to avoid any inconvenience.


Sweeper turnstile by Tiso is a perfect solution for automatic human traffic control. Glass top and side panels, as well as the design in general, provide a feeling of transparency and make it a suitable solution for the most demanding and stylish interiors. Along with the operation principle, swing wings enables to widen the actual path. Automatic turnstile can be controlled using a push-button or with the help of access control system. As with other freeway series, sweeper comes with optical sensors to stop tailgating. The sweeping wings are manufactured from toughened glass with LED backlighting. In case of power failure, the option of a back-up battery is available.


Screencheck, pioneers in security solutions in Dubai sells genuine Tiso sweeper gates. They list a few advantages of using Sweeper gates at your business or commercial space.



  1. Sweeper equipped with sensors that allow detecting tailgating
  2. Successful combination of affordable price and high quality
  3. Customized surface finish and top lid
  4. Steadfast housing suitable for high traffic areas
  5. Solution for disabled and trolley access
  6. Can be integrated with any type of access control systems
  7. Low power consumption
  8. Low noise system operation
  9. Can be mounted on a mobile platform (TiSO Frame-M).


Maintenence of Tiso Sweeper Gates


All automatic sensor door has to be checked every day by standing at a distance of 4ft from the gate or door. The door/swing should slide and stop smoothly. Make sure that gates open and close in equal periodic intervals. Check the time using a stop-clock to check the operation time of the gates. If the gates are used for one way traffic then the sensors can detect a human movement just inches away.


Check both directions are detected by the sensor. This can be checked by walking directly at the centre or any angle. Once the way is open, stay still for another 10 seconds to check whether the door will be closed. This will indicate whether the sensors are working correctly and you are assured that nobody will get hurt.


Few automated security gate systems use floor activation system. The user needs to step on the mat as they approach the door/gate this will automatically open and stop the door without making a noise. The number of mat activation should be checked one by one to confirm their functionality.


Cleanliness should always be observed. Always keep the sweeper gates or sliding doors clean. This will allow the smooth functioning of the system without causing inconvenience for the users. The pathways should not be slippery and the traffic patterns must be observed properly. Entry and exit area should be monitored.


Screencheck provides expert engineers who can help you with your biometric products and service. Contact them today to get assistance with sweeper gates, for installation and service.



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