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Suprema Thermal Camera

Thermal detection at your business

Testing human body temperature allows filtering suspected infected patients from others. The new Suprema FaceStation Thermal F2 is an advanced crossover access control system in Dubai right now, suitable for all businesses.

Time and attendance systems can help to track and monitor your human resource and maintain greater productivity without burdening your workforce. It helps your business organization and workforce to work efficiently and improve profitability. Suprema FaceStation 2 with Temperature Detection combines Suprema’s face recognition terminal with Suprema Thermal Camera to detect users with elevated skin temperature. An innovative solution in response to the changing times. These systems are found to be critical to any organization.

FaceStation 2’s face recognition algorithm designates the upper face area, enabling Suprema Thermal Camera to measure the most accurate skin temperature. The thermal camera comes as an assisted device with the new Facestation2. The device presents the detected temperature and thus gives an alert to check the person. The system can be installed easily without affecting the aesthetics of the building.

Features of the new Thermal Face station 2

1. Our electronic time attendance system will detect the face and check for the mask and record entry and exit time temperature. It allows scanning of body temperature and sensing face mask availability to help enter the workplace with safety. The face station provides enhanced temperature measurement of the face-upper area. The system responds Fast and precisely using a thermographic camera with 19,200 pixels per frame. In case of high-temperature detection or no-mask face, the business environment will be alerted.

2. The system is contactless and provides a secure way to check the movement of individuals. It is a biometric identification system using a face-scanning mechanism. Our device captures the facial impression of employees and processes the information into a secure database. Face Station thermal F2 supports an extended height range of 145 cm–210 cm for face recognition and a distance of 40 cm–80 cm for temperature measurement, which means you can maintain a safe distance from the system surface.

3. The system helps in creating payroll information thus indirectly helping in monitoring productivity. Every check-in, check out and onboard time is saved in the system which employees can check and schedule. It reduces the chances of errors and inefficiencies in the workplace. Which leads to increased productivity, improves profits.

4.The main advantage of having a thermal face station for your business is the avoidance of human error. Thus, no payroll issues and mixing up of data happens, accurately records employees time and attendance. Installing this system also provides great employee satisfaction because they get paid for their time. Allowing employees to access information on their own at any time to see their time records on demand will help them see how well they’re utilizing their time at work.

5. The system can easily be depleted with the help of a bracket which comes along, for convenient deployment on new and retrofit installs. Connections with the computer can be made using USB connectivity. More time is spent on tracking, recording, and processing their time at work each day by employees and HR.

The Suprema Thermal Face Station F2 is now available at ScreenCheck, Dubai. ScreenCheck is a bio-security provider company that distributes trusted biometric devices for your business. You can contact ScreenCheck at +971 4 391 0707.

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