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Time and attendance and access control are two very different sectors. Many organizations in Dubai are opting to install time and attendance and access control systems for their employees. It pays to understand the basic difference between these two so as to decide as to which of the two or whether it is both that they want to install in their premises.

Whereas the first deals with keeping employees’ entry time and marking their attendances, access control is all about maintaining controlled entry and exit into an area. In the earlier times, it involved a security guard checking the credentials of an individual to allow him into a secured place. Nowadays it is all about fingerprint and facial recognition systems that do the same work.

Basically, time and attendance systems do not impose any control on who enters or exits an area. However, there are some time and attendance systems in which the clocking terminal is connected to an electronic lock that causes a door to open when a person clocks in/out. However, most Dubai organizations that have a single- or two-entry point system use these types of systems. Where there are multiple entry/exit points with different security levels, then it is best to have different time and attendance and access control systems employed for the respective purposes.

Most business owners in Dubai are installing biometrics-based time and attendance and access systems. These types of systems have many inherent advantages. From being able to track and record attendance of employees in a systematic fashion, accurate identification is possible, there is a lot of time that can be saved, and it is easy to update payroll every single time. All these help the business to feel more secure and reduce time theft by employees of an organization.

The biometrics instruments are designed to detect unique fingerprints, the shape of the face and pattern of the iris of the individual. The latest in biometrics technology is to enable the machine to recognize the unique pattern of veins in an individual’s hand. These machines would be used in high-security areas with a need for zero false acceptance and false rejection rates.

Products from offers a wide variety of easy-to-use biometrics terminals that business owners in Dubai for their organizations.

Suprema Facestation 2 from is an ideal option when you have to combine time and attendance and access control functions effectively for small or large work sites. It is a face recognition terminal which uses unparalleled facial biometric functions and functions at its best in any lighting conditions.


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