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Time Attendance Machine

Clients are filled with doubts when they order a new security system for their business or when upgrading from an old system. This article answers some of the common questions regarding time attendance systems in Dubai.

As the same suggests, the time-attendance machine monitors the human resources of an establishment during the work hours. These systems help you to get all the required details of your employee, including his payroll details, insurance policies, blood group and dates of birth in easy steps. These systems can be used in multiple locations and can be accessed anytime from anywhere thus making it versatile and scalable. Implementing a time attendance system is easy. The advantage of time attendance system over the manual labor involving extensive paperwork is the ease at which data can be stored or retrieved. It saves lots of time and exhausting paper verification. This enables you to streamline the human resource and pay the employees for the right amount of the work they have done.

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Screencheck is one of the leading dealers of time attendance systems in Dubai. Screencheck has grown with customer satisfaction and loyalty. Their expertise in their business with in-depth knowledge about various security systems has gained them popularity across the Middle east. Here, in this article Screencheck answers some of the common concerns and doubts regarding time attendance solutions in Dubai.

  1. What are the advantages of using time attendance system over conventional methods?

Time attendance machines are automated and therefore, manual labor in creating payroll or retrieving employee data can be avoided. Conventional methods of a time clock or cards require manual work whereas the time attendance machine works with just a push of a button. The system eliminates any duplicate data, creates log hours, job codes, employee ids and is error-free.

  1. How is a biometric system different from time attendance system?

There isn’t a considerable difference between them. A time attendance machine with a biometric time clock is a biometric system. The time attendance system which doesn’t have a biometric clock uses a computer or mobile for employees. Some of the current systems are incorporating fingerprint scanners or face recognition to the time attendance system making it largely a biometric device.

  1. Is time clock essential for time attendance system?

No, time clocks aren’t essential. Employees can log in to work using a phone or a computer. A time clock is expensive and therefore if your company can’t afford a time clock, it’s okay to go ahead and purchase a time attendance system without one.

  1. How do time attendance system help with payrolls?

Time attendance system can be synced with payroll software to generate error-free payroll for employees. This can be done by a push of a button and saves a lot of time. It also creates less paperwork with no errors. You don’t need to burn your head checking each employee and their time utilisation to make payrolls. The system can sort out leaves, breaks and work hours for each employee thereby creating a genuine foolproof system of payment for the workforce.

  1. Can time attendance system track the efficiency of the employee?

Time attendance system can calculate the total work hours an employee has worked for you. This will give the establishment the data regarding the efficiency of the employee and how the system can be made more productive. Time attendance system can be used for Paid Time Off. This allows you to know how many employees have earned as well as used vacation, leaves and taken sick leaves. An employee can request a supervisor in granting permission to take leaves or breaks thus eliminating the need to walk one door to another for granting permission.

Time attendance system for a salaried person can bring great benefits to the company. It can track the hours a salaried person worked on a certain project, his skill utilisation and thereby the establishment can bring necessary changes to the workforce in completing specific projects.

  1. Can remote working be tracked using time attendance system?

One of the greatest advantages of this system is that you can track employees who are working remotely for the organization. This is done with the help of GPS incorporated along with the time attendance system. With geofencing, an organization can track the whereabouts of the employee and the access can be set for them under specific locations.

Screencheck provides a fleet of time attendance machine that can be used for any scale of the industry.

The Suprema Facelite is the latest time attendance system in Dubai which use face recognition for tracking human resource. The Facelite is loaded with the best security features currently available in Dubai. The machine is known for its lightning matching speed, accuracy and compactness. The Suprema Facelite is designed in such a way that it complements any architectural design with its futuristic appeal. Call now to Screencheck at  +971-4391-0707 to know more about the feasibility of Suprema Facelite time attendance machine at your business.



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