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Time and attendance systems

The time and attendance system is the most reliable tool to enhance your business productivity.

 Time and attendance system existed for the past. They were used to check employee attendance and create payroll. But today, the time and attendance system in Dubai is much beyond payroll calculation. Know more about Virdi AC-2100 PLUS Access Control system in this article.

Gone are the days when there was a gatekeeper who checked who goes in and goes out of a building. It was a tedious job to maintain a record of every visitor, with their name, incoming and outgoing time, vehicle number and a few other information. Today technology has developed and how we perceive safety and security. From bar codes to biometric security solutions, technology is creating everything possible to make a better-ordered living space.

With the rising demand for security, time and attendance systems were invented across the globe to fight popular evils like terrorism and fraudulent. Many years back, the time and attendance system was made using identity cards or magnetic strips embedded within them. Many companies around the world used these for checking employee attendance. With technological advancement, time and attendance machines used biometric sensors which became more trustworthy and reliable. Time and attendance systems were shortly used for calculating productivity and to increase the efficiency of a company. The advantages of time attendance systems are uncountable.

With biometric solutions added to time and attendance systems, security has become more trustful and reliable. Time attendance systems based on biometric technology is now working more efficiently. Time and attendance system is one of the best ways to track employees, increase their productivity and also allows you to save enough thereby increasing the profit for the company.

The systems can ease the administrative problems of managing the payroll system. Most of the companies and organizations are making use of these systems to manage employee’s work schedules and maintain order among employees. The company will be able to pay the employees the right amount for the work they have done. It also has auditing and reporting tools that help in accessing their employee’s data to direct their manager. With change happening all over the globe it’s time for companies following the old school methods of pen and paper to rise to global standards with time and attendance systems in Dubai.

Screencheck is a leading suppliers of biometric time and attendance systems Dubai. They sell some of the leading brand time and attendance systems in Dubai. You can contact Screencheck and the security solution experts will guide you in purchasing and installing the right time and attendance machine for your business premises. Here we briefly explain one of the forerunners in time and attendance machine in Dubai, Virdi AC -2100 Plus Access control.


Virdi AC-2100 PLUS Access Control


Virdi AC- 2100 Plus is an outdoor fingerprint recognition terminal with IP65 Dust and weatherproof. The machine is ideal for any harsh weather conditions making it a desirable time and attendance system for many. The machine is protected with IP65 protection. An IP rating is known as Ingress Protection or International protection rating which determines the level of sealing of electrical enclosures against bad weather and dust. The IP 65 protection ensures error-free operations in all unfavorable conditions. AC- 2100 Plus is ideal for outdoor applications with fingerprint detection biometrics. The machine has one of the most reliable fingerprint detection technologies removing any scope for fakeness. The machine comes with a 1.77-inch screen displays seamless GI making it user-friendly.

AC- 2100 Plus uses biometrics for authentication purposes. Fingerprint data of each individual is stored in a server or local USB drives. The AC-2100 Plus time and attendance machine can store up to 10,000 user data with  20,000 fingerprint templates. Communication of AC-2100 Plus machine is done with Open Supervised Device protocol. This allows peripheral devices to communicate with a control panel or other security management systems. A premise fitted with time and attendance access control systems in Dubai, where tens and thousands of people visit daily, AC-2100 Plus is a comfort you don’t want to miss. With biometric features to check and authenticate individuals, AC-2100 Plus has a quick response time. The system can deal with thousands of entries per day and can work easily in any circumstances.


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