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Touchless Future

Touchless Future!

The pandemic has made everyone scared about touching common surfaces. According to the new normal, a touchless access control system is the future of biometrics.

Working online is the new normal and studies show that there will be a major shift in work culture. Online conferencing and contactless ways have increased during the pandemic and security system customers are cautious to prevent the transmission of the virus through common touch surfaces in public spaces such as ATM’s and other security touchpads. Screencheck ME is one of the leading distributors of touchless biometric solutions in Dubai.

There are innumerous advantages of installing touchless based biometric in business. Experts at Screencheck ME list out various benefits for future customers. The system actively reduces the transmission of infection as people can avoid touching keypads with PIN-based security systems. The system has self-serving technology making it convenient for people by considerably reducing the waiting time.

Covid 19 has made people increase their hygiene practices. People no longer want to touch surfaces that are prone to contamination, and which is why new innovations of biometrics have become the need of the hour. The Covid-19 pandemic has increased the demand for touchless security systems.

Advantages of touchless biometrics

1. As economies rely on touchless biometric systems, people will have a renewed confidence in using public touchpoints such as ATMs, elevators, security pin pads, and self-service machines.

2. Biometrics will depend on fingerprints or facial structures to obtain authentication. Individual fingerprints and facial structure provide more validation than an individual entering a password or pin.

3. Biometric solutions are being developed at rapid speed and introduced in public spaces almost immediately. Touchless biometric is becoming the new normal.

4. The development of various biometric systems includes thermal sensors to measure body temperature to detect if individuals are a possible transmitter of infection.

5. Biometric technology is convenient, people will be able to adapt quickly to biometric solutions. They will be more likely to adapt to using touchless technology, such as implementing facial authentication measures.

Studies show that the complete eradication of Covid-19 will take time and people need to get used to the new normal. In 2021, the trend is setting on touchless biometrics with its demand soaring high each day, observes Screencheck ME The development of more sophisticated biometric systems is making them accessible to more people. The advantages of hybrid face biometric systems are even more diverse.

1. The 2D and 3D systems let people verify their identity through their finger scans and iris systems to access specific control points. This eliminates physically touching keypads and pressing buttons as an identity will be confirmed through the person’s fingerprints and facial/iris recognition.

2. The 2D eye system is a hybrid face recognition system that depends on the person’s face and iris recognition to verify identity. The 2D eye system eliminates the need to sanitize the area as this process is contactless and hygienic.

3. The 3D Touchless Finger-scan system’s purpose is for people going through a queue. This system is appropriate for companies where sign-in and sign-out are required to establish someone has arrived for their shift at work. It captures the image of hands and fingerprints that are wet, cut, or oily. It can even recognize fingerprints when the user is wearing latex gloves. The 3D Touchless Finger Scan system promotes a hygienic and contactless.

The touchless innovations are connected to a network like a sweep card mechanism thus allowing easy integration of technologies for tomorrow. This integration helps in faster access control and eliminates identity theft efficiently. During the Covid-19 pandemic, facial and iris recognition is the most common biometrics being integrated into the security process. The benefit of facial and iris recognition grants access to people if an authorized entry needs verification.

Screencheck ME urges businesses to upgrade their access control system according to the new norms so that no one in the economy can effectively halt the spread of the pandemic.


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