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Biometric Attendance System in Dubai

Manual attendance management is now an old story, and we have biometric attendance systems now. There are continuous updates in the biometrics solutions according to the demands of the novel requirements. This blog explores some of the trends in the biometric attendance system.

Biometrics is very much part of our lives in this postmodern world. Since biometrics is integrated with our smartphones as at least different authentication methods, it’s right to say that biometrics is an inevitable part of human’s day to day life. We experience it from fingerprint authentications to face recognition through our smartphones. When it comes to offices, industrial spaces or enterprises, biometrics has a larger role. The most important among is time and attendance management.


Biometrics Time and Attendance Management 

Even though security is considered to be the prominent benefit of biometrics, it brings several equally important benefits. From saving effort and time to making the working time productive, the advantages are many. Thus, biometrics is now widely applied across industries and facilities, and they are multiple kinds. Now let’s start looking at the trends in biometric access control systems in Dubai.


Multimodal Systems

If fingerprint recognition was popular once, now there are several other features integrated into time and attendance systems. As facial recognition integrated with access systems, the proficiency got elevated. It makes the systems applicable for more industries like construction. The workers probably have stains on their hands and fingerprinting is not practical. Face recognition is pivotal in such situations. It gives another level of safety, speed and efficiency. Then, the attendance can be accurate multimodal biometric devices support RFID cards that already exist in the sector. Besides, smartphones can also be integrated with attendance systems that make the process more convenient for those who are using them on a daily basis.


Cloud-Based Systems

Attendance data storing and analyzing became a heavier task as enterprises become bigger and bigger. Manual data storage is impractical to a large extent due to massive data and the cost the process demands. At the same time, the latest biometric machines are cloud-based systems that help reduce factual errors in data management. If it’s a large enterprise where thousands of people visit, the cloud-based system ensures the security and safety of the facility too.


Updates in Face Recognition Systems

The updated AI algorithms contribute to a more advanced version of face recognition systems. Since the pandemic emerged in 2020, biometric systems became more relevant, especially face recognition. Thanks to AI, now face recognition has the option to recognize faces with a mask on. Furthermore, it can deny access to those with masks off. Plus, face recognition systems work in different light conditions. All these features better the convenience of attendance management in facilities.


Biometrics and Ethnicity 

Inequality in facial recognition has been a huge matter of discussion. Facial recognition systems nowadays getting updated versions where every ethnicity is recognized equally. High classification accuracy is now one of the prominent features of the systems. The massive data capacity and proven record verification of multiple ethnicities across gender make face recognition more accurate.


In a Nutshell

Face recognition systems for access control and time & attendance have been used across industries. Airports, which are highly security-based facilities, now started integrating facial detection systems and it proves the importance of biometrics.