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Uninterrupted Business with UPS systems in Dubai

How do you choose the right UPS in Dubai for your business? Read to know tips and tricks in finding the best UPS fitting inside your budget and requirement.

An Uninterrupted Power Supply(UPS) is an electrical device that provides emergency power to a load when the main power supply fails. The runtime of UPS is relatively lower than the actual input supply but is enough to start the standby mode of a system allowing you to shut down the machines normally. An uninterrupted power supply is used for protecting hardware like computers, data centres and other telecommunication equipment. UPS can be used where the probability of sudden power failure causing data loss, injuries and business disruption exists.

Screencheck is one of the leading distributors of UPS in Dubai. Screencheck gives some tips and options on purchasing an uninterrupted power supply for your home or business. While purchasing electrical things we usually think of purchasing devices that cost less because we don’t know much about how to choose them. The same applies when you are purchasing a UPS system in Dubai.

    • Choose as per requirement

If you have decided to purchase a UPS, first observe the type of UPS available in the market and analyze your requirements, as to which type will suit you the most. For better protection choose line-interactive type over stand by type and online type over line-interactive type. One may choose according to the requirements.

    • Price is Proportional to Size

Before buying a UPS one must have a clear understanding of requirements and the budget allotted for the purpose. If the added price is not significant then consider purchasing a bigger unit. The benefit of buying a bigger unit is that it has a bigger battery with increased backup time. Using several standalone one phase UPS is better or three-phase UPS. Multiple systems may increase the power reliability.

    • Backup UPS

In using parallel units, sometimes two or three of them are in use and one is in spare. Hence, full power is supplied even when a single UPS fails to operate.

    • UPS Power

If you want to purchase the UPS then, analyze how much power does your device consume. The UPS should be able to substitute the power requirement of the device when the main supply is disrupted.

    • Warranty

The UPS is meant to protect the valuable electric devices with which you might be running your business. A failed UPS is always traumatic. That makes UPS an important device to think about its warranty and guarantee provided by the seller or the manufacturing company. Terms of warranty may differ from brand to brand. Warranty is another key aspect of buying an uninterrupted power supply.

    • Outlet

An uninterrupted power supply comes with a number of outlets. Before purchasing one must check as to how many devices will be requiring the power supply. Many UPS outlets provide eight outlets but one must check how many of them are battery-driven. You needn’t compromise your usability with affordability. The more outlets you have, you have less worry for the future.

Screencheck has a wide range of UPS options from the most trusted UPS brand, Salicru. Salicru promises to generate a continuous, clean, economical, reliable and ecological electricity supply to its customers, for which it offers a wide range of products capable of providing solutions for the most sensitive systems and most demanding markets. You can walk into a Screencheck store in Dubai and know more about the various variants of Salicru UPS systems available in Dubai.


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