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Worried about losing your data due to intermittent power disruption? Worry no more with the new Salicru UPS systems for small business in Dubai.

And suddenly the power went off of your office and you had forgotten to take backup of your on-going project. Panic strikes and you are worried about your hard earned profit fill from the computer unless you have an UPS connected to your computer. UPS can help you save your projects and create a backup before the system completely shuts off.

We are all familiar with UPS, if you have a desktop at your home, you probably have an UPS too. So what exactly is UPS? UPS stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply. A UPS is a massive battery for your computer which helps to run your small business. The UPS plugs into the wall, and your computer plugs into the UPS.

The power is passed through the UPS to your computer, but also charges the UPS’s internal battery. So when the power goes out, the battery kicks in, providing enough power for you to get to a point where you can save and shut down.

Salicru is one of the leading manufacturers of UPS around the world. The Salicru UPS provides undisrupted power and also alerts connected devices when there is a power shortage. The Salicru UPS prevents loss of data and protects the hardwire. They also guard against power surge equipping your hardwares to smoothly handle the surge.

The UPS system is ideal for small business as it helps to maintain power during adverse power loss or to maintain voltage to allow the hardware to work when there occurs serious fluctuations. The Salicru UPS also saves the system from line noise that affects the over performance and lifespan of the equipment connected.

Running a small business has many hurdles to jump, protecting data is one of the prime responsibilities. If IT equipment fails, it can cause data to be corrupt – losing precious memories or months of work. A Salicru UPS is easy to install, maintain, and use. They are long lasting, making your computer work longer and safeguarding your data.

Screencheck ME is one of the leading Salicru UPS Supplier in Dubai. Most UPSs come in volt-amps measurements and others in watt use. You need to calculate the power required to run all your equipment in your office. This can vary with the kind of business you do, if you are running a media production house your power consumption will be more or if you are running a logistic company the power consumption would be less. Make sure you’ve factored in anything else you have plugged into that PC, such as your monitors.

You’ll need to find a UPS that has 50-75% higher wattage than the power requirement to run the business. You can contact Screencheck experts who will teach you the drill and how to connect the UPS to your computers.



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