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Controlling human and screening them through a visitor management system can help find possible covid-19 positive patients and help the organization to safeguard its employees and customers.

With lockdowns in place in almost 180 countries around the globe, governments are trying hard to get back their crashing economies. Essential businesses have been classified and are allowed to function. Essential services are considered under various verticals like medical and health care, telecommunications, information technology systems, defense, food, and agriculture, transportation and logistics, energy, water and wastewater, law enforcement and public works. These industries need to work for the economy to sustain with safeguarding their workforce.

A number of organizations need to remain open and operate as essential businesses. “We are learning to run business and maintain stability in society. We can learn lessons of adaptability and changing behavior during this time”, says the Sales head of Screencheck Dubai. Screencheck is one of the leading biometric solution providers in Dubai. The need for an efficient visitor management solution is urgent for every business.


Screencheck briefly explains best practices need to be followed by the essential business using an efficient visitor management system.

  1. Every business needs to follow the guidelines put forward by the government. This isn’t the time to be innovative or make changes in the business. Every action needs to be taken by caution. Business management can use a visitor management system to help control health issues and maintain safety for both employees and customers.
  2. Management can prepare questionnaires for employees and customers before they walk into the business premises. The visitor management software needs to be configured to check the answers to determine whether access should be provided for an individual.
  3. As part of doing business, if you need your visitors to sign releases then you can send them agreements through email much ahead of your visit. This can help in avoiding unwanted contacts during the visit. Visitor management solutions should allow for this to be automated and integrated with your existing cloud storage apps.
  4. The Check-in process needs to be contactless. The management needs to remove any physical touchpoints which can be experienced by the customer or the employee. Provide hygiene essentials like hand sanitizer at the front desk so that the visitors can clean their hands before any interactions. The visitor management system should be able to check-in visitors from a distance through mobile devices.
  5. Contactless access control systems need to be employed. This is critical as the business must adhere to global regulations around providing physical escorts around parts of your premises. Access control system integrated to visitor management systems can reduce security interaction reducing health risk for the visitors.
  6. Collect visitor information ahead of the visit through email before they are called to your business premises. If an emergency situation arises, the authorities would check for all the visitor details at your building for the effective control of the infection.
  7. The visitor management system at your business must be able to delete visitor information after a fixed time interval. Retaining visitor details over time is disrespectful and comes under data privacy laws. Everyone needs to understand the importance of data privacy and act accordingly so that every individual information is kept confidential and removed after the pandemic period is over.
  8. The pandemic is not going to last forever. So any change is the business must be complimenting to adaptability. When the global economy gets back into shape, your business should have a smooth entry without losing the continuity. Your visitor management data should be able to aid you in your business impact analysis and help you in future updates in your business continuity strategies.
  9. Streamline the front desk operation with the installation of an efficient and reliable visitor management system. Installing a visitor management system can impress visitors and speak for your brand which takes care of its customers. Safety is the primary priority right now, it involves the employees and customers alike. This calls for the importance of a visitor management system which can change its protocols according to the changing governmental regulations.


Screencheck is providing reliable and trustworthy visitor management systems in Dubai. With a legacy of providing unending support to businesses across the Middle East region, Screencheck has taken a step to help contain the pandemic in the most logical and sensible business. Contact today to talk to the experts in the Visitor Management system and know how it can be implemented in your business space.


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