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Biometric Time  Attendance System in your organization

biometric-time-attendanceThe answer is pretty simple! Biometrics is gaining rapidly in many areas, from laptops to mobile phones and other technologies. The use of biometrics has become a leading tool in workforce management. Many organizations are shifting towards a Biometric Time Attendance system. The main reason behind initiating this system is to eliminate time theft and increase security and accuracy. Most organizations are getting rid of the traditional fob or card to clock in hours and opting for a biometric system and online attendance and leave management systems.

Using a biometric time attendance system has the following advantages:

Eliminates buddy time punching

A biometric attendance requires an enrolled employee to punch in. It is virtually impossible to have another employee to punch on his behalf, which is a form of time fraud. The biometric characteristics of a single co-worker cannot be duplicated, therefore it eliminates time theft.

No repetitive consumable costs

Over time, fobs and cards get lost and or wear, needing to be replaced. A biometric time attendance system and time system rely on an employee’s biometric information such as fingerprints, iris or facial recognition. This means there are no card or fob replacement costs to bear.

Trustworthy Data

The data gathered from a biometric time and attendance system is live and honest. You can access data anytime and pinpoint problems in the office. It enables you to generate quick reports and alerts you to problems so that you may act instantly.


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