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In the present times, technology has crept into every field, and in the world of security systems, the long established means of an individual being authenticated is becoming out dated. Biometric authentication (fingerprint recognition, iris recognition, facial recognition etc., to name a few) is the technology of the day and it has plenty of notable benefits which makes it all the more attractive for companies and organizations to adopt it. Here are some of its advantages below.

Excellent Security – Biometric systems use a unique individual identification that is almost next to impossible to forge. 100% accuracy is also ensured, thanks to multimodal biometrics being used in the systems. Biometric systems bank on physiological features of the human being that are not transferrable easily.

Convenience– Biometric systems are easy to install and setup and the credentials always stay with you and not to mention, saves a tonne of paper work.

A Remarkable ROI – Biometric systems bring down administrative expenses drastically and deter fraud, crime, abuse and the like. Also, there are reduced costs now from password resetting.

IntegrableBiometric systems can be set up to work along with employee time management systems, attendance systems and so on, thereby resulting in the use of fewer computers.

Surveillance – Besides the above, biometric systems can serve as excellent surveillance systems that keep records that may be gone back to.

We provide the latest from the world of biometric security systems to our customers in Dubai. Feel free to browse our product line or drop us a message, if you are after something very specific.


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