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It is common to see business owners in Dubai installing video TV surveillance at their workplaces. The employers do this for a number of reasons that include protection of assets, ensuring safety at workplaces, prevent theft and other wrong practices, improve productivity and also comply with regulations that may be specific to the industry and the laws of the land.

However, in this context, it is also important that the installer is simultaneously aware of the legal limits on the use of CCTV surveillance and the best practices that are to be followed. Before the installation of video surveillance in a workplace, the employer should, first of all, execute an assessment which gives an idea of the impact that such a system will have and justify its use. Such an assessment will help in policy making that will further help strategic decisions.

CCTV Laws and Regulations – Understanding them

In UAE, it is important to understand that monitoring employee requires consent from each and every employee.

Guideline 1: The user should first make an attempt to become familiar with the local laws for the installation and use of video surveillance systems in workplaces. Specific aspects of privacy may have to be clearly understood in the context of the employee-employer relationship.

Guideline 2: According to laws of employment, the installation of video surveillance at the workplace should be to destroy mutual trust between the employer and employee. If this has been done, the employee is entitled to resign and claim compensation for the same.

Guideline 3: There is a specific legal manner in the way in which the employer can collect the personal data of employees. In such a case, the employee has to be kept informed of the reasons why the data is collected and what data about them is collected. There also exist limits on the lengths of time when this data can be held by the employer.

Guideline 4: Finally the employer has to keep in mind that all such collection of employee data using video CCTV should be unobtrusive, reasonable and should be mindful of the employees’ privacy issues.

Guideline 5: Secret CCTV filming should be carried out only to stop heinous crimes or physical assaults.

In the best interests of the employer and employee, it is recommended that introduction of CCTV at workplaces for the purposes of surveillance should be done only after due deliberation and consultation with legal counsel. This can help to avoid negative impacts and maximize the benefits.

Workplace Video Surveillance options from Screencheck

Screencheckme offers different top-of-the-line options for video surveillance. Starting from multi-sensor cameras with high image qualities (MEGAPIX 48 Mp Multi-sensor camera) with self-cleaning ability and weather resistant enclosure to IP cameras with 180-degree panoramic views (MEGAPIX PANO 6Mp) and fisheye indoor IP cameras, also offers all the accessories such as chassis, BLACKJACK CUBE, Bullet cameras and digital video recorders with easy high definition upgrades (1080p AHD).

For all your workplace CCTV and video surveillance requirements contact us on +971 4 391 0707.


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