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Zebra for every card printing

Zebra card printers in Dubai are known for their expectational performance. Screencheck, leading distributors of card printers explains.

We use identification cards every day for various kinds of authentication purposes. Our driver’s license is a form of ID card. We use ID cards at work so that management and security can ensure that only authorized people are inside the premises. These cards can be simple colour photo ID cards or they can be smart cards used to punch in and out of work for time and access control in Dubai. Many businesses use plastic PVC to make credit cards or gift cards for their customers. These cards and the printers that produce them offer numerous opportunities for an ambitious business.

The Card Printer has really changed the way many businesses are done these days. Long gone is the day when identification cards had to be outsourced. Outsourced printing had its own share of problems which was an overburden for the management. The new Card Printers are portable and can fit easily on any counter space or even on a desk. The latest card printers in Dubai are extremely easy to use. Technology has made it possible for businesses to implement their own printing process and it has eliminated a lot of the past problems with outsourcing.

Zebra is one of the most trusted and reliable id card printers in Dubai. They provide high-quality solutions to your card printing and they are quite affordable and portable to use. There are several models available, and most of them provide great quality card printing for people who have not used them previously. A Zebra card printer can put to rest all your printing problems as they are also quite portable, so whenever you hire a new employee you can just print his or her card instantly and hand it over to them.

Zebra ZXP Series

The Zebra ZXP Series 7 has an innovative design and has a very user-friendly interface. The Zebra ZXP Series 7 produces high-quality ID cards in medium-to-high volume applications. The printer is cost-effective and has low maintenance. They are fast and reliable, printing exceptionally sharp quality ID cards with effective colour control. It automatically adjusts to the thickness of the card, and ribbon loading is easy. The system comes with a clear LCD panel with a colour guide which is simple to use.

The Zebra ZXP 7 series printers are made to withstand any environmental conditions and applications. The print quality and colour depth produced were exceptional. The machine uses edge-to-edge printing technology along with a laminator which helps in durability and lengthens the card life. The fast printing ability improves productivity and shortens the processing time. The machine can process up to 3 jobs at a time. The high-capacity media, ribbon and laminate rolls are all synchronised.

The Zebra ZXP 7 series is considered to be futuristic. You can choose features according to budget and can add them to your portfolio of card printing. The series also offers a variety of encoding and connectivity options, including UHF encoding and wireless connectivity. The machine can serve responsibility in industries like health care, hospitality and transportation.

Selecting Zebra ZXP 7 series from Screencheck can never be a wrong decision. Screencheck, the leading distributor of Id Card printers in Dubai, has industry experts who can guide you in understanding Zebra card printers and how the system can be installed in your office.


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