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Smart ID Card Printer in Dubai

Screen Check offers smart ID card printers at unbelievable prices. Browse through our selection of Smart ID card printers in Dubai to choose a model that best matches your requirements and preferences. In order to make the best selection, you need to first checkout the various features and specifications of each ID card printer. You can also read Smart ID card printer reviews available online to find out the user’s perspective and opinions on the printer.

Here are some of the specifications that you need to crosscheck before you buy Datacard ID card printers.

One or double side printing

Depending on the identity card design, you can choose one side or double side printing. If you are thinking of making a long-term investment, then it will be preferable to go for double side printing. If you just need print on one side, then you can customize the settings accordingly.

Network sharing

Advanced ID card printers come with network sharing capabilities. This means that you can operate the printer from any computer system in the network. It helps optimize work flow and reduce dependence on one resource.

Print Speed

The number of ID cards that can be printed in a minute is described as the printing speed of the device. This speed will determine the rate at which your printing work can be completed. The printing speeds are different for monochrome and colour printing.

Card Capacity

When you buy an ID card printer in UAE, you should also check the card capacity. This number will let you know how many cards you can print in one go. Generally, a smart ID card printer in Dubai has both automatic and manual feed card tray. If you want to check the print quality, you can choose the manual feed option, and check one card at a time. After you’ve checked the quality and resolution of the output, you can set it to automatic feed.

Print Resolution

The most important feature of datacard ID card printers is the print resolution. The quality of your output is determined by the print resolution and the number of shades per panel. So, carefully check it out before you make your purchase decision.

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