Entrust ID Card Printers

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Screen Check ME is the leading authorized Entrust distributors in Dubai which offers end-to-end solutions in Identification & Biometrics, Security and Tracking across twenty-five countries in the Middle East and Africa. Screencheck ME is the best supplier of Entrust in the Middle East to offer solutions to the world’s leading brands. While the Entrust supplier in Oman caters to almost all the biometric solutions like ID card issuance, Time & attendance and many more. Entrust distributor in UAE offers access control, video surveillance, smart card solutions, RFID etc. All our products are been supplied in and around the Middle East, Oman and UAE by showcasing the best performance worldwide.

Entrust products have the best quality biometric solutions that include access control and time & attendance. There are thousands of people and industries who opted for Evolis as the best distributor in the Middle east. Winner of Dubai SME 100 award made ScreenCheck develop its roots and became Entrust as the leading distributor in Oman. Our sincere service and efficient machines helped us widen Entrust distributors in Qatar, Entrust distributors in Dubai & Entrust suppliers in the UAE. As of now, ScreenCheck have transformed into the leading and prime distributor in Identification and Security partner in the UAE & whole of Middle East Region.