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Screen Check is a reputed and reliable supplier of advanced ID card printing solutions. Headquartered in Dubai, we offer smart card solutionsfor companies and enterprises in UAE, Abu Dhabi, and other parts of Middle East. Organizations can make use of our ID card printing software solutions to design and print identity cards. The software solutions that we offer can be personalized and customized according to the ID card printer in Dubai.

As a top supplier of advanced ID card printing solutions, we strive to constantly update ourselves on the latest technologies and developments in the industry. We try our utmost to update the latest developments in the ID card printing software that we offer. Take a look at some of our smart card solutions.
This top end ID card printing software can be used to print driving licences, social security cards, passports, and other national IDs. Special features include dynamic logo, multiple photo storage per record, and advanced barcode library.
The BADGEMAKER 5400 allows you to have unlimited records and multiple badge layouts. Plus, it enables multiple user operation, which can fasten the work process. This ID card printing software supports various encoding systems such as chip, magstripe, and bar code.
Compatible with most ID card printers in Dubai, BADGEMAKER 4400 offers smart and efficient identity card printing solutions. It can be used for plastic ID card printing and offers barcode and magstripe support. This printing software also has photo and signature support.
Card Presso
If you want an identity card printing software with predefined templates and web print server option, go for the Card Presso software. This ID printing software can be given local MS Access and SQLite connection to access details on the database. It has an option that allows users to browse or find records, saving manual search time.

Check out the features and specifications of each printing software to choose the best model that meets your specific preferences and requirements. Contact us or mail us to get more details about the ID card printing software solutions.