Smart Card Solutions in Dubai, UAE

Smart Card Solutions in Dubai

Screen Check in Middle East offers a wide range of smart card solutions for educational institutions, organizations, and companies. In fact, we are one of the leading ID card printers in UAE. Whether you want to print black and white or colour identity cards, we can offer the best smart card solutions in Dubai. Apart from ID card solutions such as national IDs, driver’s license, and more, we also offer unique E-purse and customer loyalty card printing solutions.


The current trend is going cashless, especially while shopping or travelling. Many people prefer to do their financial transactions using their plastic smart cardsinstead of carrying cash around all the time. While the cards are safe to carry and use, they are also convenient as they reduce buying hassle. An electronic purse is the store of value on a card, which can be used in a manner similar to cash during any transactions. The electronic “purse” is secure information stored in a dedicated area or file in the smart-card. Our e-purse smart card solutions are ideal for closed payments from educational institutions, retailers, charity organizations to Government organizations. The cashless payment system provides secure transactions and eliminates the misuse of cash outside the premises for non-intended activities. These smart card solutions are ideal for schools, universities, charity institutions, corporate, prisons, and retailers.

Customer loyalty

This smart card solution is ideal for the retention of the loyal customers. It is a modern alternative to vouchers, coupons and tickets. A Customer Loyalty Program helps retailers not only to retain the customers, but also increase customer spending in their outlets. Our solution gives more flexibility to the customer by instant redemption and helps generate personalized promotions to targeted customers. Our solution has the flexibility to be implemented in a single store or a chain of stores.Apart from these smart card solutions in Dubai, we also offer various other customized printing software and solutions. Fill up the form in our contact us page, and we will get back to you with the relevant details.