Evolis Printers for varying volume.

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August 30, 2021
Evolis printer for your Business
August 30, 2021

Evolis Printers for varying volume.

ID card printers’ options available from Evolis. Now stock available with ScreeCheck, the most trusted biometric access control system in Dubai.

How do you choose the right printer for your business? One of the foremost deciding factors is the volume of cards that needs to be printed in a year. ScreenCheck, a leading distributor of Evolis ID card printers in Dubai briefly explains the different series of printers available at the store. They differ in the volumes of their card output measured by the average number of cards output per year. Screencheck has one of the best customer support executives, this article is for those who prefer minimum interaction at the shop.

Evolis Badgy Series.

If your company needs around 500 ID per year, then this is your ID card printer. This ID card printer is suitable of organization which doesn’t have huge human resource and needs only a small output of cards. The printer is supported by RFID technology which allows seamless processing of the printing. The user interface is quite friendly and can be easily operated. The ID Cards issued have a lifespan of 1 to 3 years, and they are issued in batches. However, they are mostly single-sided, and they come with a standard security measure.

Evolis Zenius Series

Zenius series printers have a yearly output of 500- 5000ID cards. Ideal for medium-sized organizations which needs only a certain number of cards. The print quality is exceptional, and each card has an expectancy of up to 3 years. They are mostly made in batches and are single-sided. These cards are made for moderate security level usage. The printer has user-friendly interactive software for easy operation.

Evolis Primacy Series

Is your business backed up by over 30,000 employees? Then, Evolis Primacy series ID card printers in Dubai is your right choice. It comes with highly efficient supporting software for easy printing. It allows double-side printing with a lifespan of up to 3 years. The security level of the cards is high, and cards are outputted in batches. A variant of the model comes with a lamination option, which increases the durability of the cards to more than 3 years.

Evolis Avansia Series

If you need more than 30000 ID cards printed every year, then Evolis Avansia can be your prime choice. It offers a stunning 600dpi resolution card which gives high print quality cards with much detailing. Avansia is also capable of end-to-end printing, but the machine has a lower printing speed compared to the Primacy series of ID card printers. However, it has better durability, especially due to its printing head.

Evolis Quantum Series

Quantum series printers produce the highest volume of cards with more than 50,000 cards per year. They have an exceptional printing speed and can hold a high amount of card output with their large hopper. They are normally used in big enterprises where frequent ID card printings are needed.

Screencheck ME Dubai has all the above series of ID card printers at the store. For more details, you may contact Screencheck ME customer support to know more about Evolis brand of ID card printers. Apart from Evolis, Screencheck ME has some other prime brands of printers for meeting various client needs.