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Food Labels get a taste of tech revolution

Food Labels get a taste of tech revolution

Buying food will look equally appealing as cooked disk now with the new ScreenCheck Food Labels.

The leading manufacturer of ID card printers in the U.A.E, dips into the food labeling market. Working together with Evolis Edikio created durable, reusable and hygienic food labels.

 Why Edikio

Food retailers such as butchers, florists bakeries etc require labels that last long through regular use and reuse, and most importantly safe for contact with food. Edikio is easy to clean and is extremely durable, plus you can display all the necessary consumer details down the to allergens! Easy to use, easy to clean and with ScreenCheck it is now easy to print as well.
Give your store a facelift, with no fear; it follows all the UAE quality regulations. 
One Printer to fit them all
With Edikio’s wide range of label customization you can ensure every product gets a fitting label. Some of the design options are: 
  • Black slate like style with white print
  • White cards with monochrome print in black, red, green and blue.
  • Various card size formats credit card (54×85,6 mm), long (50x150mm and
    50x120mm) or small (54x29mm) for the labelling of smaller products to House Specialities.
Whether you are a small outlet or a large supermart Edikio has your needs in mind, just select the price tag printer that makes most sense to you!
  • Edikio Access:

  • The perfect and affordable solution for small scale printing of single sided cards in credit card format

    Edikio Flex: 

    A more flexible option for printing both long format and credit card format of single sided price cards.

    Edikio Duplex

     The advanced version, for large-scale printing needs. It can print double-sided cards in both long format and credit card format.

Quality Standards and Installation
Edikio is widely popular and trusted because they strive for safety, they have shown that Edikio products are consistently compatible with food contact.
After many tests under lab conditions the newest line of Edikio has also gained the ISEGA certification. 
Well now all that’s left to do is to install it. No need to make calls for a technician, tt requires no IT expertise, it is easy to instal simple to use and the labels that are printed are top class.
If you require any help or support ScreenCheck has an array of factory trained engineers and consultants to assist with customer needs and decisions.

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