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Secure Your Infrastructure with the Highest Quality Belgian Security Solutions through ScreenCheck – The Authorised Distributor of IDtech in the Middle East

IDtech is a Belgian manufacturer founded in 1985, specialising in Access Control, Visitor Management, Alarm Management, and Time and Attendance solutions. ScreenCheck Middle East is the authorised distributor of IDtech’s superior enterprise software suite. These solutions are designed to secure critical infrastructure sites worldwide, including government buildings, healthcare facilities, power plants, oil & gas, banks, ports, businesses, educational institutions, and more.

With ScreenCheck and IDtech, you can rely on superior protection and utmost security tailored to the unique needs of each organisation.

The IDtech Enterprise Software Suite

Advanced Access Control:

It manages and controls access to physical premises. It offers versatility, security, flexibility, and ease of installation and use, adaptable to any organisation’s requirements.

IDtech unipass

Efficient Alarm Management:

It consolidates and visualises information from various security components, facilitating efficient alarm system integration for advanced monitoring.


Streamlined Visitor Management:

It ensures secure, easy, and efficient management of visits and visitors.


Effective Time Management:

It helps human resources teams with efficient time management solutions.


IDtech Intelligent Controllers

Intelligent controllers are the core of IDtech’s state-of-the-art access control solutions.

Choice, Security, Expandability

IDtech offers a comprehensive range of smart access controllers with expandable architecture, robust build, and advanced processing power.

Open Platform, Flexibility

IDtech solutions integrate easily with other advanced security hardware, including proximity readers, biometric readers, vehicle recognition systems, long-range readers, and various credentials.

End-to-End Security

Each component is designed and manufactured in-house or selected from trusted partners to provide complete security and flexibility.


IDtech Integration and Interfaces

IDtech solutions are open, flexible, and fully integrable with systems from other leading and trusted industry providers. These include visitor management, CCTV, intrusion detection, fire alarm systems, and parking management. They have extensive experience creating custom interfaces to meet specific organisational needs.


IDtech Cloud Solutions

IDtech’s cloud solution relieves you of server management, upgrade cycles, and data backups as it is engineered for high performance and reliability. A multi-layered security strategy lies at the heart of IDtech cloud, ensuring the availability, security, and integrity of your data and equipment within the cloud infrastructure.

D25 Multi-functional Clocking Terminal

IDtech’s D25 clocking terminal captures essential workforce planning information in an easy-to-use device that integrates perfectly with IDtech’s time and attendance software, Unitime. The D25 terminal is a full-access controller with an integrated badge reader compatible with both physical and mobile credentials.

Expert Services

ScreenCheck Middle East, the authorised distributor of IDtech’s complete range of security solutions, consists of highly trained professionals ready to provide end-to-end services and support tailored to your needs.

Tailored Solutions

IDtech offers customised solutions for your unique needs. Their products and solutions are developed in-house by experts to ensure precise fit and performance.

Secure Solutions

IDtech uses the latest technologies to deliver secure, reliable, encrypted, and multifunctional solutions. Their continuous investments in state-of-the-art hardware and software maintain high-security standards.

Adaptable Solutions

IDtech solutions are scalable and grow easily with your organisation. They integrate effortlessly with other security system components and evolve continuously with technological advancements.

Sustainable Solutions

IDtech prioritises minimising environmental impact through responsible business practices. They use renewable electricity and are moving towards zero-emission technology. Their backward-compatible products reduce unnecessary hardware upgrades, thereby reducing waste and rework.