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March 4, 2018
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March 19, 2018
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CCTVs have become an imperative in buildings, homes & apartment where security is deemed as a concern. The seamlessness it has created along with technology advancements such as mobile usability, motion sensing has made it an indispensable factor in the modern world. CCTV is the man friday for the building owners.

However, there are various misconceptions doing the rounds in the online world regarding CCTVs.

Let’s take a piecemeal approach in clearing the air about the myths CCTVs are associated with.

  • A CCTV is only meant for security

Not just to prevent crime, CCTVs are used in a wide variety of activities. These could include employee monitoring, child care monitoring, maintaining perimeter access. It could be used for legal proof submission to prove the fact that you were at a place when an incident occurred.

  • CCTVs are very expensive

Not at all. This solely depends on your requirements. If the number of areas to be covered are more, then you may need more CCTVs and hence the cost may go up.But rather for a medium sized household, the cost is comparatively less and affordable.

  • Controlling them remotely is a pipe dream

No way. CCTVs can easily be controlled from a remote location by cloud. The only requirement is that it has to be connected to the internet. You would be having a mobile application with you or a computer that would have the web application for the CCTV.

  • CCTVs obviate customers

This is a common myth that circulates among retailers especially small format. They have a preconceived notion that customers don’t like to be seen on CCTVs. Yes this is a fact that the customer’s privacy has to be respected, but many of the retailers make it mandatory in their stores to install cctvs to prevent thefts or other misdemeanors.

  • More Megapixels gives you an advanced CCTV

Every day you get to see new cctvs storming the markets boasting of that extra megapixels and claim to be better. The advantage of having a higher megapixel CCTV is that if there is sufficient light in the scene a quality higher megapixel camera can resolve detail from further away that a camera with a lower megapixel cant. The 8 megapixel camera in daylight conditions should reliably be able to resolve facial detail at 15m where a 1 megapixel camera might top out at 6m.

The disadvantage is that as placing increased load on your storage system cameras with higher megapixel counts resolve their extra detail at the cost of reduced light sensitivity.

  • Surveillance cameras won’t impact the return of investment for your business

The strategic placement and usage of CCTVs can act as your ROI booster & a marketing tool for business owners. The cameras provide a huge amount of information about consumer behavior that a smart business owner can collect and use to improve the user experience and increase sales. You can also use the camera as a education tool for your employees to increase customer satisfaction.

So here we have demystified the major myths that CCTVs are associated with. The advantages of CCTV cameras extend far more than security enhancement. Our crew has the expertise to help you deploy a solution for your residential or commercial property to help you meet your goals. Our skilled staff is ready to customize a solution to help you meet your needs today!

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