Screencheck ME – ID Card Printers Dubai


UAE-based security solutions provider, Screencheck, exhibited a range of futuristic technology at this year’s Intersec.

The company displayed how artificial technology engines being integrated into platforms that enable behavioural mapping, commercial mapping, retail mapping, office security, government security, airport security, temperature mapping, and object missing.

Screencheck’s face recognition technology, dubbed Facestation 2 by Suprema which has the capacity to achieve an ultra-fast matching speed of 3,000 matches per second, was also on show. Plus, CoreStation, another Suprema product, is a biometric access control solution that can serve a user base of 500,000 with matching speeds of 400,000 per second.


Screencheck’s camera solutions by Digital Watchdog (DW) has an IP panoramic cameras ranging from 2 to 48 megapixels and gives a coverage of 180 degrees. With IOT and AI, DW has integrated its products with various video analytical software’s that supports features such as Intrusion detection, suspicious incidents like objects left behind and missing, human activities such as crowding, loitering and even people counting.

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