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October 3, 2017
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September 3, 2018

VAMS – Visitor Management System

Our Visitor Management System replaces the traditional visitor log books in which the visitor details are entered along with their IN and OUT time. It is quick, easy and provides accurate information of the visitors and whom they visit etc. The solution handles the entire process of visitor management including registering the visitors, issuing the badges and logging their IN and OUT time. The reports module provides all the necessary reports about the visitors making it an ideal solution for corporates, airlines, government institutions, oil & gas, etc.

VAMS Features – Visitor Management System

Secure Authentication 

-The Visitor is authenticated via his mobile phone phone number along with photograph and photo ID.

Language Options

-Multiple Language Options are available including English and Arabic

Use of Barcode or RFID to check IN/OUT 

-Use of the barcode or RFID to check in as well as check out the visitor instantly

Mobile / Web Application Appointment creation

Pre-Schedule appointments via Mobile App

Multiple Visitors 

VAMS Can handle multiple visitors in a party to save time.

Contract Labour Pass

Contract labour and outsourced vendor can be issued a pass with barcode & assigned validity.

Hardware Details

Visitor’s hardware details can be  captured by scanning bar code or manually into records.

Complete Automation

Visitors data captured automatically using Emirates ID card readers/passport scanners with minimal human intervention.

Visitors Pass

A customized pass with a barcode can be printed.

SMS & Email Alert

Host employees get notified when a visitor comes to meet them.

REAL Time Count

At any given time, how many visitors are there in the premises .

Customizable Emergency Alert

The user can send out a SMS alerts to all visitors & employees at once, about an emergency.

Blacklist Visitors

User will not be able to create appointment for visitors who are blacklisted by company.

Table Computer  / KIOSK

The VAMS application will work on tablet PC’s/KIOSK’s for self registration.

Web Based / Stand Alone

We offer both the modules to facilitate client’s IT requirement .


VAMS is compatible with the all the databases & has dedicated 24×7 support team.

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