Suprema BioStation 2a in UAE
Suprema BioStation 2a
November 27, 2023
ARCS-A/BT – 13.56 MHz DESFire® EV3 + Bluetooth® standard reader
January 5, 2024

EvTrack – Visitor Management System

Visitor management ensures a smooth and organized process for registering, communicating, and monitoring visitors. EvTrack excels in visitor management, providing a seamless and highly efficient platform tailored for diverse settings such as organizations, companies, and residential buildings. This software solution streamlines the visitor registration process through its adaptable deployment options, from pre-registration and self-service kiosks to handheld guard registration. Designed with user convenience in mind, it simplifies management tasks, ensuring effortless pre-registration and setup. Every visitor enjoys the personalized touch of an individual profile page, enhancing the overall experience of visitor management within any given environment.


Flexible Visitor Registration

EvTrack provides multiple options for visitor registration, including pre-registration, self-service kiosks, and handheld guard registration.

Web Interface for Management

The software features an intuitive web interface that simplifies management tasks, pre-registration, and setup.

Individual User Profiles

Each visitor has a dedicated profile page for personalized management.

Multiple Credential Types

EvTrack supports various credential types, including number plates, PINs, access/control tags, ID numbers, and license disks.

Efficient Communication

The platform facilitates communication by sending visitors OTP or QR codes via email, SMS, or WhatsApp.

Security Watch List

Handheld devices receive notifications for individuals on the watch list, enhancing security measures.

Comprehensive Scanning Support

It allows efficient scanning of driver’s licenses, IDs, license disks, passports, and QR codes.

Full Audit Trail

The software maintains a comprehensive audit trail, recording all visitor and contractor visits for accountability.

Visitor Badge Printing

It supports the printing of visitor badges for enhanced identification.

Public Registration Link

The system allows for public registration via a unique link, streamlining the visitor sign-up process.

REST-API Integration

EvTrack provides a REST-API interface for seamless integration with third-party systems, offering enhanced flexibility.

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